State Senator Julie Frye-Mueller on crusade to get parents not to sign or accept school handbooks. Because you might be giving schools permission to ‘transgender’ kids.

Oh good lord. State Senator Julie-Frye Craz… er, Mueller is apparently on a crusade to get parents not to sign or to click “accept” to school handbooks. Why? Because she thinks you’re inadvertently giving permission to vaccinate or give transgender surgery to your children.  But don’t take my word for it…

You know, many years ago, my mom was a school nurse back in Pierre. I heard she had to use an epi-pen for an allergic reaction on rare occasion. But I don’t recall her coming home remarking that she had to do sex-reassignment surgery that day.

Seriously. This is actually someone elected to represent a portion of our state’s population in the South Dakota State Legislature.

May God have mercy on our souls.

16 thoughts on “State Senator Julie Frye-Mueller on crusade to get parents not to sign or accept school handbooks. Because you might be giving schools permission to ‘transgender’ kids.”

  1. Pat, she’s not wrong.

    Why not just do the book learning education?

    We’re taking our schools back, my friend.

    Total reconstruction.

    Can’t win a fight if you don’t acknowledge you’re in one!

    I am okay with any action that takes away the power of school administrators until such time parents are given complete access to the operations of schools; cameras in the classroom, curriculum evaluation, and at this point I’m fine with addressing radical political dispositions like “chemical castration of a 5 year old is okay if that’s what they want.”


  2. I love how people are actually considering that by signing a handbook a state will come in and magically pay for and allow a plastic surgery to a child……come on. This could only be thought up from those nut jobs in the hills. The code was intended to do searches for drugs, not gender reassignment surgery. I’m all for allowing people to take contraception, but the school handbook has nothing to do with that, most states will offer contraception to those under the age of 18 (which they should). End the drug war and things like this conspiracy could go away. I can’t imagine the need to go into another human’s body to obtain evidence in order to legally steal their money or possessions to fund government, yet this happens every day. This is where our taxes go folks, just accept it or perhaps consider reducing the size of government. We are paying a lot in order to pacify what annoys a few people.

  3. Pat, is this considered reverse wokeness? All kidding aside, 20USC 1232h has ample notification elements so that parents are contacted prior to any (iii)Any nonemergency, invasive physical examination or screening that is—
    (I)required as a condition of attendance;
    (II)administered by the school and scheduled by the school in advance; and
    (III)not necessary to protect the immediate health and safety of the student, or of other students.

    No school district would ever do the above without parent notification/approval. It would be legal and political suicide.

    Bottom line, I don’t know what they are smoking or drinking in District 30. This is another prime example of a waste of a State Senate seat. No one in Pierre takes JFM seriously – just ask your local legislator. She seems to be working hard to keep her stranglehold on the very very far right fringes of her party (who do show up to vote on primary day) when she’s already got them in her back pocket.

    Let’s stop spending time on non-starter, wacko conspiracy theories and get down to doing what needs to be done in Pierre – that of ensuring we have a limited, efficiently run government that cares for those who can’t care for themselves, keeps us safe and secure while developing policies/laws that make it easier to grow our economy and educate our students. It really is that simple, yet this legislator (and a few others) seems to think that other things are more important. It’s time for a change in District 30.

  4. I don’t necessarily care about South Dakota local politics because they don’t really matter or get anything done. I’m very rarely surprised. But, where on God’s green earth do they find these idiots? Maybe more public education might help people not be this stupid.

    This is also my problem with the primary system we have, too many idiots are elected in primaries because moderates don’t show up to vote. Maybe a jungle election is the option to ensure reasonable people are sent to Pierre to actually legislate, rather than just take up seats and accomplish nothing.

  5. Here is an absolutely crazy idea; before parents sign or accept anything, they read and understand what they are agreeing to.

    If they have any questions or something is not understood, they should have it explained to them in plain language until it is understood.

    If they understand it, and still don’t agree with the terms, they should remove their children from that institution and seek other means of instruction.

  6. Perhaps all you naysayers should actulally watch the presentation, check out the student handbooks in the schools in your area and learn that she is absolultely correct. Yes, your child can be given birth control , puberty blockers, innoculations, anal and vaginal exams without your without your consent.

  7. Well, I’m not so sure about the anal exams, that seems a little icky even for Julie, but I will tell you from the District Numbered 30 that young Ms. Frye-Mueller is not necessarily the insanest of the bunch. We have a real voter problem here.

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