Looks like Cory Heidelberger is going back to being an out-of-state blogger.

Dakota Free Press author Cory Heidelberger is being awfully quiet about it, but it sounds like he’s going back to being an out-of-state commentator, as his wife’s new employer makes an announcement:

Congratulations appear to be in order to his wife who was called to a ministry in Nebraska, where I’m sure Cory will join his comment section in ranting from several states away.

27 thoughts on “Looks like Cory Heidelberger is going back to being an out-of-state blogger.”

  1. Cory out of state: bad
    Governor Noem hiring numerous staffers from out of state: Pat remains quiet


    1. Why do you have a problem with people moving to South Dakota? That sounds like a personal issue.

  2. I’m sure he will land on his feet. Starbucks is always looking for baristas.

  3. In fairness, Nebraska is only one state away, not several.

    But it will be interesting to see if living in Lincoln affects his ongoing interest in South Dakota issues. One would think that it would.

  4. It’s a better fit for Cory Heidelberger. His blog has long been dominated by out of state name callers which have successfully with CAH helped drive the Democratic Party into the ground not only in South Dakota but in particular Brown County which used to be a Democrat stronghold in the state. That blog has scared many prospective Democrats away and financial supporters. One former SDDP executive director who was good at the job stated in Pierre while working support during session that Heidelberger and his small group of regular commenters sure made his job tough and countered their efforts in building a party with winning candidates.

    Surprised they did not move to Cuba with other Democratic Socialists and help try to persuade the protestors that Socialism/Marxism is good.

  5. You’re going to have to be the in-state voice of left-wing politics in SD, now, Pat.

    I ain’t doin’ it.



  6. You mean he won’t get his butt handed to himself from any future elections against Al Novstrup??

    1. Cory has to go somewhere where no one knows him if he wants to run for anything.

  7. I may be wrong but isn’t CAH an avowed atheist, who hates anything Christian?

        1. Fact check: True.

          My childhood congregation merged into the ELCA, and it’s become almost unrecognizable in the years since. Atheism shows more respect for Christ’s teachings.

  8. The change might be good for him to gain a perspective on a different state’s politics, and perhaps see his home state in a better light. His blog is extreme in many ways but he’s never said he had any official ties to the Democratic Party or that he in any way was their spokesman. It’s like the Tea Party types for as long as the Democrats and Republicans allow extremism to be in their parties it’s going to concern moderate voters sick of polarization, which short-sighted politicians should remember. The silent majority needs to be heard loud and clear very soon.

  9. People ought to make best decisions for their family. I presume this is good for his family and I wish him well.

    (Typed as I am on my deck listening to “Linger” by the Cranberries. Her voice is as distinguishable as that of Linda Ronstadt, Amy Winhouse, Laura Branigan, and Stevie Nicks. To deny there is a God when there voices like this is nuts)

      1. I remember when i heard she died. More significant to me than when I heard Lennon died. On par with Freddy Mercury and Amy Winehouse.

  10. grudznick is the shepherd of the out-of-state name-callers, and while they may now proliferate from the sand hills region, I shall endeavor to keep them in their rightful place, as out-of-state name-callers.

    1. That must be like herding cats?

      Poor little fella over there must be upset…..not letting anyone talk about his upcoming move.

  11. Hes very liberal, yes. But he does actual reporting, in political areas where none of the media cover anymore. Republicans have taken facts from his site in the past. His coverage of the GOP state convention, and how Ravnsborg got in, was amazing. If not for him, it would not have been covered at all.

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