Senator Thune on Fox News talking about the manufactured “voting rights” crisis

South Dakota US Senator John Thune was on Fox News talking about Democrats trying to manufacture a crisis over voting rights, despite it being as easy to vote as ever:

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  1. Anyone scared of this legislation is scared that their policies aren’t popular. If your path to power is by trying to put obstacles in place in order to vote, you are the problem.

    1. What obstacles are you talking about? Be specific…..none of the generalizing BS. And tell us exactly how it is an obstacle to allow someone to vote.

      1. I should say….and tell us how your perceived obstacle stands in the way of allowing someone to vote.

        1. 1. Eliminating the absentee voting option for all except those in the military. (being discussed in various states, GA in particular)
          2. Cutting back on early voting time for early voting (reduced from 14 to 8 in FL, reduced from 17 to 10 in NC, No night and weekend voting in WI)
          3. Decreasing voting stations in higher population areas, creates longer lines, and makes it harder to vote in high population areas (enacted in NC and GA).

          I know this isn’t being talked about on your favorite echo chamber tv show, but if you want to be truly informed, look past the shows telling you just what you want to hear. There are two sides to every story, the rhetoric of Mitch and his boy certainly are not an accurate portrayal of the issue. A list of laws enacted is here:

              1. The narrative that people are against having voter ID laws is manufactured by the GOP. They are creating this narrative because they know they policies no longer appeal to the majority of Americans. Why are you for this autocratic style of governing?

          1. None of these are obstacle that PREVENT someone from voting as you would like everyone to believe. If someone is going to exercise their right to vote there is also an element of personal responsibility to do so…….I know, personal responsibility is a foreign concept to the national democratic socialist party.

    2. so you believe that people of color don’t have identification because they don’t have birth certificates, jobs, cars, bank accounts, library cards, credit cards, social security cards. Why, they don’t even have EBT cards, right? They are totally off the grid. They don’t work, cash checks, travel, anything. They all live under bridges and scavenge in dumpsters, right? Is that what you think of people who are not white? They are all deadbeats, living like wild animals?
      It’s what the Democrats think of them. We hear this all the time, that there are thousands of US citizens with no form of identification at all, and they are all people of color, living like rabbits and feral cats, breeding excessively, because that goes without saying. That’s why the government needs to provide reproductive health care you know, got to keep the numbers down.

      If there actually were citizens who didn’t have any form of identification, they would be guests on CNN and MSNBC. But you never see them, do you? It’s because they don’t exist.

      1. This is always the “low hanging fruit” argument that is used by the GOP. I think a bipartisan bill would accept the ID requirement easily, but lets be real, you don’t’ want the ID requirement, you want them to prohibited from voting.

        1. New York has far more restrictive laws the GA
          Its only Purple and Red states that concern little toni

          1. You mean all the states that recently changed since little cry baby Donny T can’t accept the fact he lost? I don’t think those are purple states, those were red states that voted blue because the GOP candidate was such a toxic loser.

      2. I know white people who have for a variety of reasons been unable to attain an ID after theirs expired. While black people are most targeted in disenfranchisement schemes, they are not the only ones hurt by those schemes. Also, your suggested characterization of black people is a complete strawman. I hope those for which you act like a stooge won’t one day include you in their targets.

      1. Quick history lesson, Tony.
        The Jim Crow laws were written by Democrats.
        KKK founded by Democrats.
        Confederacy founded by Democrats.
        George Wallace leader of the segregationist movement, yes another Democrat.
        Last years MLB all-stare game moved from a mostly black city to a mostly white city.
        Martin Luther King- Republican

        1. I’m not one to accept a history lesson from someone with such little grasp of history.

          “When Goldwater, in his acceptance speech, famously told the ecstatic convention “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice,” he was speaking of “a very specific notion of liberty,” says Peniel Joseph: “Small government, a government that doesn’t give out handouts to black people. A government that doesn’t have laws that interfere with states’ rights. A government that is not conducting a war on poverty.” ”

          This was the final death knell.

          1. Peniel Joseph, the founder of the “Black Power Studies” subfield of American History, is a Left-wing radical who has publicly promoted the 1619 Project. He penned an op-ed with CNN attacking Kyle Rittenhouse as “the epitome of White privilege in America run amok.”

            He holds a joint professorship appointment at the LBJ School of Public Affairs and the History Department in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Texas at Austin.

            Hardly, an unbiased source.

      1. I’ll add that purging voters from the roll when they haven’t voted a certain number of times is also an obstacle to voting.

          1. Yes, it is that hard to register again in states where you show up to vote and you find that you are no longer registered. Also, it is an additional obstacle when you can’t register the same day of voting, so again, another tactic to stop people from voting or creating a situation where their votes won’t count.

            Vamos, you are digging yourself in a hole, you obviously haven’t looked at the other side of the argument and are just repeating your show’s talking points. Get out of the bubble, this is more than voter ID laws.

      2. Felons should not be allowed to vote… least not until their sentence and restitution is completed. There’s a reason they are considered a felon.

    1. South Dakota has been pretty “white” about the voting system Only problem is that the Republican states that are infringing on voting have been real “white”

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