Governor Kristi Noem debuts new commercial regarding protection of women’s sports

Last night on Facebook, Governor Kristi Noem released a new commercial regarding her efforts at protecting women’s sports:

The ad are starting on cable news programs nationally.

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    1. We are bigger than a few States.

      Did you go to a government school for your education?

    1. Vermillion. Per school policy, ” A student shall be permitted to participate in interscholastic activities for the gender with which that student consistently identifies . . .”

      1. McLaughlin was debunked. That is the problem is people are spreading false rumors and a few are knowingly lying about that.

  1. In its present form, her bill outlaws all transgenders from sports, not just trans girls. SCOTUS just last year decided that laws and policies like her bill and the Deutsch revised bathroom bill (HB 1005), making them DOA in most every court in the land.

    “Strongest law protecting female sports in the nation”? That’s a huge stretch given that her bill is a mostly a re-hash of most every other law that already passed elsewhere. Add in the certainty that the law will be immediately enjoined and then ask how did we protect female sports anyhow?

    Perhaps she would be wiser to focus on what drives performance and set standards and limits. That takes real thinking, talking to medical experts, and hard work to develop a standard. She’s only had the past nine months to put her crack legal advisors on the task. Of course, that doesn’t serve her purpose to demonize vulnerable young folks which energizes the base.

    1. Sure, you can argue that Bostock applies to employment only. Grimm clearly applies to education and Title IX. SCOTUS denied cert from a 4th Cir. decision. Also, take a look at cases in the 3rd, 4th, 7th, 9th, and 11th. All throwing out these laws and policies. Sure, not the 8th Cir so good luck overcoming that precendent. Not making up law at all.

      1. I suppose you think roe vs wade is precedent too even though it is clearly unconstitutional to any smart person in America.

        1. VB, you miss the larger point. All of these laws are being struck down, and even in conservative courts where you apparently have high hopes. The very same SCOTUS you pin your hopes on have ruled against your position.

          Take a look at the Equal Protection clause in the 14th amend. Then, if you don’t believe it, look at the SD Const., Art VI, Sec. 18. Vamos indeed.

                    1. Get a law degree or find one of the Governor’s “legal geniuses”. Either way, you need to hit the books VB.

      2. Employee dress codes and bathroom stalls are quite different than direct physical competition. That’s why the issue polls so well, even decently among Dems — everyone realizes biological differences matter in athletics. Courts won’t ignore these obvious facts. Their own legitimacy is on the line.

  2. I generally like the Governor’s freedom philosophy, but there’s one thing that bothers me. If she really believes in the people of South Dakota, why does she continue to bring in all of these out-of-state strategists, policy people, and other staffers? Lots of quality people in South Dakota.

    1. It’s obvious her real goal is to make it to the Big Time. One didn’t see her predecessors jet set nearly so much, or need a studio for FoxNews, OANN, etc.

  3. I certainly hope she is not only advocating women’s sports. I hope she is protecting men’s as well. What happens if a lady decides she is a guy and wants to compete in a men’s dance competition?

  4. This will be fun to watch it lose in court again! These so called fiscal/social conservatives have no problem spending other people’s money and hurting businesses in South Dakota.

    The Bill sponors and Governor should be personally fiscally responsible for these political stunts.

    1. Do you enjoy men beating girls in sports due to biology?

      I suppose you defend the USA Today and NY Times (democrats) saying pedos are normal also.

  5. VB, is your pen name supposed to be some sort of cutesy take on that asinine Biden insult? Grow up.

    So maybe a trans girl in McLaughlin made the girls’ basketball team. Wow, how did we survive that? I suppose McLaughlin rode that incredibly unfair advantage all the way to the top of the Bs?

    The thing is, this cause is just another of Noep’s attention-getting causes that distract from real work. Oh, yeah, we’ve apparently got money falling out of Capitol closets so we can talk repealing the “Bingo Tax,” but how God forbid she do something meaningful like repeal Contractors Excise Tax or the sales tax on food.

    1. This dismissiveness in his comment is cheap and cold. It mattered to the girls playing.

      Who cares about about a man eating women’s lunches in Ivy league swimming, when no one cares about Ivy swimming? The women swimmers. It matters to the women athletes.

      That’s why it matters.

      1. Again where is the proof this has been a problem in South Dakota? It has not. Just another distraction from the real issues facing South Dakotans.

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