Rounds doubles down on 2020 election results, while Bruce Whalen throws slogans.

US Senator Mike Rounds is doubling down on his comments last weekend that earned him the ire of former President Trump, and noting that it’s not a bad thing for conservatives to speak the truth about the last election.

“We have to be more aggressive in reassuring conservatives that their vote counts,” Rounds said, adding “to give them reassurance that they can trust us and that we will speak the truth. And even if it’s the hard truth that’s hard to swallow, we’re not going to lie to them.”

“If we want to keep the trust and gain the trust of more individuals that are wondering, we have to probably say it a little bit louder and in more places that many of us normally either aren’t invited to talk or have chosen not to get into the fray,” Rounds told The Associated Press in an interview this week.


One of Thune’s challengers, Bruce Whalen, had cautionary words for Rounds.

“He needs to remember that South Dakota is predominantly MAGA and there are just so many angry people out there right now,” Whalen said.

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Whalen says “South Dakota is predominantly MAGA?

Um.. yeah. I don’t think MAGA means what he thinks it does. Because that statement sounds kind of dumb.

South Dakota is predominantly Republican, and supports Republican candidates for office. It’s up to the GOP how to define itself.

17 thoughts on “Rounds doubles down on 2020 election results, while Bruce Whalen throws slogans.”

  1. One thing we can be sure of is that South Dakota elections have the protections in place that guarantee election integrity.

  2. South Dakota may be predominately Republican. Or predominately MAGA. Or predominately whatever, it doesn’t matter. We’re barely half a percent of the US population, if that. We’re a rounding error, even if we were unanimous there aren’t enough of us to matter.

  3. Having two Senators who support truth matters a lot ! The 140,000 independents will give our Senators a lot more votes then the few Q-Anon extremists they loose. The majority of S.D. Voters are conservative moderates who don’t appreciate extreme elements of both parties.

  4. To be a conservative moderate would be a non educational, non factual comment of limited political understanding. Rounds is attempting to be a tall dwarf.

  5. Telling the truth is a giant noble thing now for Republicans. So glad they’re admitting they’ve been lying. Do their voters care?

    1. I suppose only one man can eh? You’re missing the boat, they’re turning on that former guy now.

      1. Not seeing that “turning on the former guy” trend, more the opposite thanks to failures Biden/Harris. Can you say “buyer remorse”?

  6. Sorry for confusion, should have said fiscal conservatives and social moderates, I always voted pro-life and had many tell me to stay out of their bedrooms, many don’t really care about all the social bills debated every year.

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