Slick Rick Weiland trying to fleece donors to turn South Dakota into “Liberal Land”

Losing Democrat US Senate Candidate Rick Weiland just sent out another plea for money.

And it’s a doozy, as he lays out his plan to pass laws and re-write the South Dakota State Constitution to re-engineer the state into a hippy dippy liberal utopia where Democrats can win elections:

Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2015 12:03:30 +0000
From: [email protected]
Subject: Why losing my US Senate race might be for the best?

You were one of the tens of thousands of Americans who contributed to my race for the United States Senate last year and for that I will be eternally grateful – but as you know, I didn’t win.

The loss was gut-wrenching, especially since Harper Polling, a Republican firm, had me only 4 points down a month from the election and our internal polls agreed. I really thought we had a chance but I was blown away by a tidal wave of big money in the last few weeks and the rest is history.

BUT — surprising as it may seem, it may have been for the best.

Now don’t get me wrong, I wanted to be in the Senate, fighting for a more fair, more socially just America – starting with overturning Citizens United and working for better wages, fairer trade and taxes, marriage equality, stopping Keystone, working on climate change, investing in renewable energy, education and in our infrastructure – the list goes on and on and on.

But sometimes things happen for a reason, and I truly believe that I may have a greater opportunity to affect the direction of our country with TakeItBack.Org — than I would have had I won.

WHY — because Congress is gridlocked, its gears frozen in place. Inert.

The truth is, any progress we’re going to make in the foreseeable future is going to be in the states, not the federal government, and it’s the states where our organization, TakeItBack.Org, is totally focused.

Can you imagine the John Boehner’s House of Representatives passing campaign reform? Or Mitch McConnell’s Senate supporting an increase in the minimum wage? Not going to happen.

What I can imagine, however, is putting our energy and resources into fixing our country, one state at a time, and that’s exactly what TakeItBack.Org is doing.

We are using ballot measures to take our country back by supporting: 1) an “anti-corruption/big money” initiative that our new poll shows is “through the roof!” 2) an initiative to establish a nonpartisan legislative redistricting commission, ending the ability of the Legislature to draw boundaries for their own political advantage, which polls at 72%-19% in favor; and 3), a constitutional amendment that would turn the South Dakota Legislature into a nonpartisan body which is favored 59%-36%, same as has existed in Nebraska for 80 years, which just recently became the first conservative state in 43 years to repeal the death penalty.

If successful, these initiatives will transform South Dakota, and if we can pass them here, we can pass them anywhere.

We also know that we can’t do this alone. We need resources to continue to draft these ballot measures, hire paid circulators, recruit volunteers and get our message out to the voters as to why they should consider and vote next year for transformative change.

We could all sit back and let someone else fight this fight but, frankly, there is no “someone else.”

This is up to all of us, and it is why I have decided to engage in this fight to take our state and country back.

We will not be successful if you don’t join us — We need you!

Rick Weiland

Much of what he’s talking about in terms of redistricting, changing the structure of the legislature require changes in the state constitution, and seem to be little more than a liberal pipe dream thats never going to happen.

But if it helps him make a buck…..

** Bonus BS!**   Did he really say “tens of thousands of Americans who contributed to my race?

I’d like to see proof of that.

Because I’ve looked at his campaign finance reports, and I’m not sure he hit 1000, much less “tens of thousands.”

14 thoughts on “Slick Rick Weiland trying to fleece donors to turn South Dakota into “Liberal Land””

  1. Its too bad Congress wasn’t gridlocked when the Democrats foisted Obamacare on us.

  2. Rick Weiland is truly a despicable individual. He hates America and the founding principles, and he loves total government control. He should move to France and stop trying to ruin the state and the country-perhaps he and Alec Baldwin can charter a plane together and leave the country.

    I congratulate all the South Dakotans who voted for Rounds and I ask all those who voted for Weiland, would you still vote for him knowing what a socialist he is?

      1. He hates the country and he hates freedom-why all his hate? Weiland wants to “fundamentally transform” the state and the country, and I don’t particularly care for his vision. I have young children, and I don’t want them living in Orwell’s “1984”. If you don’t believe that the progressives/socialists like Obama and Weiland want that you are just not paying attention and have no foresight.

    1. anyone who told him he was within four points of rounds was LYING. and he’s not forthcoming about where part of the ‘big money’ came from eSiOtRhOeSr.

    2. True, there is also the loss of my cookies when I read what he wants to do to the state.

  3. This is bizarre or narcissistic.

    And it has a lot of delusion. I can’t stop laughing about how he thinks he really had a chance.

    BTW, maybe he is telling the truth about tens of thousands of donors. He just didn’t follow the law and report it.

    1. Maybe he and Bosworth can get together and talk about their potential to transform the state; neither has a shot, and they are both delusional.

  4. His statement above, “vote next year for transformative change” says it all. That was Obama’s line when he won the first time, and we all see where that is taking the country. I don’t agree with a single one of his “transformative changes,” and I doubt that many South Dakotan’s do either. His slogan of taking it back doesn’t agree with his “changes” either, as many of those are not “taking it back” but are fundamentally transformative.

  5. I think we are seeing a glimpse of Weiland’s ultimate strategy behind running for the Senate. This weekend I’m behind a car which has a Weiland Senate bumper sticker. What I noticed is the “Take It Back” was a lot more prominent than his name. In fact, I wouldn’t have been able to recognize his name if I hadn’t known it was there.

    Weiland didn’t expect to win the US Senate race but he wanted to use it to launch a “community reform PAC” or similar entity.

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