So, what’s left on the Governor’s Desk? 8 bills to go.

I was looking at the list of bills the Governor signed yesterday (BTW, Thank you for SB 190 Governor), and I decided to wander in the opposite direction and take a look at the bills that are still remaining on his desk for consideration:

Bill Title
SB 2 provide for the establishment of river basin natural resource districts.
SB 3 provide for mediation of certain drainage disputes.
SB 67 revise certain provisions regarding challenges to certain election petition signatures.
SB 69 revise certain provisions regarding elections and election petitions.
SB 100 create a leased residential property classification.
SB 136 exclude certain municipal taxes from the gross receipts used to determine the tax liability for customers served by electric cooperatives and electric utilities.
SB 159 exempt certain amateur sports coaches from sales and use tax.
SB 177 establish a youth minimum wage.

Senate Bills 2 and 3 rework what has been long-standing law with regards to drainage, not to mention SB  setting up new levels of bureaucracy for many areas in the state that weren’t asking for it.  This one is a stumper. I’m not sure where they’re going to fall out.

SB 67 and 69 are the election reform measures as introduced by the Secretary of State and Board of elections, and amended during their passage between the 2 houses of the legislature.  Some of these reforms are badly needed to comply with military voting requirements. Some are needed to fix ‘Bosworth-ian’ petitioning practices. And most of the rest are just common sense fixes.

Are these measures perfect? No. But I suspect the Governor is leaning towards a thumbs up on these, as there are far more reasons to sign them than there are to kill them.

Generally, bills that mess with taxation tend to be subject to the Governor’s red veto pen. Sometimes the veto is overturned, sometimes not. That places SB 100, SB 136, and SB 159 at risk.

And then there’s SB 177, establishing a youth minimum wage.  There are very good arguments for it, but I think given that the change is so close to the vote taken last November, and lacking hard data in terms of how it has been implemented in South Dakota, he may kill this one too.

At the very least, these have the attention of the Governor’s office, enough that they’re doing further research before they make a decision.

10 thoughts on “So, what’s left on the Governor’s Desk? 8 bills to go.”

  1. I voted “no” on three of the eight bills: SB2 to establish natural resource districts passed the House 51-18. I thought the bill wasn’t ready for prime-time. I also voted no on SB 136 to exempt certain amateur sports coaches from sales and use tax. This bill was defeated in both prior sessions. It passed this time in the House 63-5. I don’t think it’s good policy to create tax-cut outs like this. And I voted no on SB 177, the youth minimum wage bill. It passed the House 44-24. This was a though one for me. I ultimately opted to vote no because the bill flies in the face of the voters. It will be interesting to see what the Governor does.

    1. Dr. Deutsch is a good man! I really enjoyed seeing him in the legislature with his seat mate John Wiick.

  2. Ok a few thoughts–I am computer illiterate–what is post pimping?

    I like that Rep. Deutsch came on here and explained why he voted no. Maybe some of the other legislators will also OR why they supported it.

      1. You removed links to blog posts by Bob Mercer and Ken Santema about your so-called “commonsense fixes” in SB 69.

        (Nice rewrite of history. They were links posted without substantive comment, specifically using an anonymizing web service. I really can’t fathom that someone in France really cares about South Dakota legislative measures. I would note that you yourself appear to be posting to an address which appears to have been used by RINO Mike (later outed to be a Democratic operative), so you’ll forgive me if I take it all with a grain of salt. -PP)

          1. don’t link away to other blogs and say nothing, make your case. any blogger has the right to chop out posts that pull people offsite while offering absolutely nothing in and of themselves.

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