17 thoughts on “Sobriety might be a pretty low bar….”

  1. It means she is going to start getting signatures one minute after midnight. She’s on it.

  2. “opt” is short for “opportunity”. Notice there are 2 each of those 3 letters in the word. Grudz – isn’t it a bit cold out for that attire ?

  3. Mr. Slick, we’ll be inside for the notarizing. But when you got them you flaunt them.

    I think Mr. PP is a notary too and I bet he’d love to witness Ms. Hubbel’s signing.

    1. Actually, I am. I’ll keep a bottle of vodka on standby in case I get any reports of her heading this way.

      1. lol…………..omg………..I don’t need antidepressants, because all I have to do is read SDWC. My laughing medicine.

    1. I have a feeling there will be many notarys drinking tonight even many who normally do not or never have before drink tonight to avoid this.

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