Lora Hubbel quote of the day.

“I think every kid who won’t listen to his parents should stick a knife in an outlet once in their life…we all did! Its part of growing up!”  – Lora Hubbel, Republican candidate for Governor. 

every kid who won’t listen to his parents should stick a knife in an outlet once in their life…we all did?” That actually might explain a lot.

No word on whether she was finally able to find a sober notary.

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  1. You know, when you call her a Republican candidate for governor you’re painting the entire party in a negative light. I get it. She’s calling herself a republican and she’s running for governor seeking our nomination (which she’ll never get), but don’t give the media an opportunity to call her a republican. The party has repeatedly rejected the politics of Hubbel and continues to do so. Please call her what she is: a RINO who’s a pawn of the radical left.

      1. Lets consider that for a moment. Lora’s running mate in 2014 was Mike Myers, a Democrat. Her campaign manager was a pothead socialist. Her main supporter here is Tara, who is a democratic operative pretending to be “independent” and telling Republicans to be more like the Democrats. She attacks Republicans almost exclusively and has been kicked out of the party twice for by-laws violations. She has changed parties to Independent and Constitution party and back again.

        If not pawn, then a tool of the left.

        1. If you think the “left” in SD is anywhere close to being able to put up a fake candidate and coordinate any sort of shill campaign, you’re as nutty as Lora appears to be.

          1. Not a fake candidate. A tool. Someone who is easily manipulated by individual leftists. Like Stace.

            1. Ike, has a difficult time comprehending the point and staying focused on the topic. Nice you helped out, next time just take it a. little. slower.

  2. Don’t call her a republican, it’s a disservice to the party. She’s nothing but a RINO pawn for the radical left.

  3. I can’t help but wonder if she had her tinfoil hat on when she stuck her knife in the outlet. Maybe with a wire running from her hand to the hat?

  4. Household amperage can damage the brain such one has permanent seizure disorder, depression, anxiety, or other personality changes. Additionally, it can cause a disruption in the heartbeat that leads to death.

    There are roughly 150 children who die each year from household electrical shock. Maybe to Lora that is not a significant number but to those children and their families, her little joke isn’t very funny.

    1. Sadly, it appears she wasn’t joking. Of course, most of her posts are complete jokes. She just doesn’t mean them that way.

    2. Electrical shock can also lead people to be more susceptible to governmental mind control. Young Ms. Hubbel should be all about putting little doors on her outlets.

  5. Lots of my Republican friends are talking about holding their nose and voting for Billie Sutton. There is a general anger in Eastern SD over the corruption and flippant attitude by elected Republicans. I don’t know if anyone who thinks Jackley or Noem are any different than the mess so many are sick of. I don’t know if anyone who thinks Mrs Hubbel is a worthy option. Is there any chance a good Republican gets in the race?

    1. Lots of my Conservative/Indy friends are talking about who to vote for: Noem or Jackley. No one even mentions Sutton. Most seem to lean towards Noem and they mention her campaign manager being one of the reasons why they would vote for her. Not sure where your group of friends hang-out, but mine are at church, work, kid’s school/sporting events and Hy-V for coffee in the AM. I don’t know of this “general anger” here in East river, but we all can make things up as we go;)

      I wonder what a “good” Republican is?

    2. I’m hearing the same thing in Sioux Falls. I was talking with friends this week and one Republican said: “It wouldn’t be the worst thing for the state if Billie Sutton were elected governor.” Another, a Democrat, said in response: “I think that’s just the way a lot of west river people will phrase it.”

      The same populist wave that supported both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in 2016 could make electing a Democrat as governor after decades of GOP domination in Pierre seem like a way to “drain the swamp.”

      1. So 2 people said that? I’ve got a lot more than 2 people. And, from what I know West River is solid conservative. The wave that supported Trump is not going to drain the swamp by electing a Democrat, but is Sutton an Indy? I’m confused?

        I don’t doubt this is going to be great race.

    3. I’ve heard the same. A lot of Republican voters, especially in eastern SD along the interstate, have said that if Jackley is going to get the nomination then they’ll be voting for Sutton. It’s goint to be an interesting primary and general. Someone grab the popcorn.

  6. By our calculations KM 34% of what you say is over 80% true. You quote sources like Breitbart, FoxNews and National Review. It’s time for you to quantify your misrepresentations.
    1. Prove there are “No Go” zones in The Cities.
    2. Prove the Mexican mafia is in South Dakota.
    Use nationally recognized sources.

  7. Well don’t you have demands, Anonymous 4:38pm.

    I’ll give you Ntnl.Review, which is a reliable conservative source. Most often I spend time on Daily Wire, CRTV, TheBlaze or The Daily Caller. I also listen to several podcasts/Youtube: Mark Levin, Buck Sexton, Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, Paul Joseph Watson, Mark Dice, Stefan Molyneux… Do you need to know more of my sources? Oh, I also read and currently it’s ‘No-Go-Zones’ by Raheem Kassam and the Bible.

    1. Last summer a new family from MPLS moved into the neighborhood, after talking with them and our kids playing together, one could imagine a question like: “Why did you move here?” would be asked. One reason was because of the increasingly large Muslim population; increasingly being stressed. I also have a friend who travels to MPLS for conferences and would bring her kids. Not anymore, she’s afraid because of the safety risks. Did you know the Twin Cities has a very, very large Muslim population and the trend we see, when discussing terror attacks, don’t include the Amish or Christians. Recently, we attended a funeral in Eden Prairie and several women there said they would not go to the MoA anymore out of fear something could happen, like a stabbing or shooting? I don’t need Breitbart or other ‘nationally recognized sources’ when many people tell me what they’re experiencing in MN. Give it time, it’ll get worse.

    Have you heard of Keith Ellison? Is he national enough for you? Take some time to RESEARCH him, currently he is the top story on more than just Breitbart or Fox News. Also, you tell me why there’s a hotline in MN to report *Islamophobia*? I seem to think that’s a form of Fascism, but who am I? Why do you care if what I say is true or not? You post as anonymous: you. don’t. care. Don’t believe what I say, it bothers me none. If it matters to you what % of what I say is true, fact check me. Call me out, I dare you.

    Here’s a little more for you, Copy what I type and Paste it in you search engine… MPLS police uncover bomb making materials (and) Muslim police officer kills unarmed white woman (and) Sibby Online. Now, it’s your turn to prove to me there are no, “No Go” zones in The Cities.

    My comment to 4pm is a counter, that’s it. I don’t know where in East River they live, I don’t care. I live in East River and have many family and friends that live here too. My kids are 5th generation SoDakotans, we’ve got roots you see. I tend to think anonymous comments are people baiting and you are a prime example. I have nothing to loose by posting my thoughts, I care about my state and don’t want the Lunatic Lefties to burn it down much like we see happening in MN. If it does happen here, my husband and I will move our family West River and if happens there, we’ll move again. Get it?

    I’m not addressing 2. It’s late, I just got home from work and I’m pretty sure it’s not worth my time. I’m actually surprised PP didn’t ask for you to stay on topic. No Go zones comment on a Hubbel post…hmm? Oh, and I must not forget….

    MAGA! Americans First.

    1. The majority of SD feels the same way you do KM. Very well said. Nobody will be able to prove you wrong. You definitely do your homework.

      1. Thanks Tara, I know many people are thinking the same and it’s ignorant to think we’re going to stop talking.

        Watched the video of Lorra…Common Core has got to go.


  8. We have loons howling “corruption!” everytime something happens they don’t like. If the snow isn’t cleared from their street first, it’s a conspiracy. Plane flying over your house? Black Suburban driving behind you? You aren’t paranoid, they really are after you. It’s a conspiracy, because you’re on to them.
    Nobody ever seems to know who is taking bribes or buying off witnesses to criminal acts, but they are sure something is going on because Angela Kennecke said so.

    1. It’s not what they “feel”, it’s what they’ve experienced and witnessed.

      I don’t care if police officers are insulted, that’s on them, not me. I don’t control they way they “feel”. And I don’t doubt there are police officers that are just as considered as many of us are.

      Are you going to address Keith Ellison? Or how about the Muslim that killed the unarmed white woman? Or the bomb making materials that were found? You don’t want to discuss those incidents, I can’t imagine why.

      Give it time, it’ll get worse.

  9. KM – It doesn’t matter to me if what you say is truthful but it matters to my J School students who are studying you as one of our test cases. The class wanted you to inspect that nationally recognized source and comment on why you believe hearsay over what The Star Tribune writes. If you’d be willing to help.

  10. KM – It doesn’t matter to me if what you say is truthful but it matters to my J School students who are studying you as one of our test cases. The class wanted you to inspect that nationally recognized source and comment on why you believe hearsay over what The Star Tribune writes. If you’d be willing .

  11. 5:41 – Interesting, now I know why your post was allowed to stay up;) Yes, I’d be willing. Thank you for asking and not demanding.

    I believe these people, they’re my friends and, just like me, they have no reason to lie. The lady that doesn’t take the kids to MPLS anymore, I know very well and have for a long time. The neighbors had MN plates when they moved, so I know they weren’t lying about where they came from. We took time to get to know them, when our kids play we talk. There are many reasons I trust they’re being honest. Add their accounts with other nationally reported incidents and other blog info, I’m going to go with: there are ‘No-Go-Zones’ in MPLS just as there are in Chicago. However, for different reasons.

    http://alphanewsmn.com/chaos-breaks-mall-america-islamic-celebration/ -This took 10seconds to find and is one reason why we will never take our family to the Mall of America.

    Your students know about media bias? They’re paying thousands of dollars to study journalism so I’m sure they’re aware what’s happening with MSM. If they do their research, they know that The Star Tribune is bias just as the Argus Leader is. Do they research the journalists at the Star Tribune, they should. Who owns The Star Tribune also has an impact on the narrative. Sibby Online has a great example of journalist bias and how writing a piece to fit a narrative (a Leftist narrative) is happening and it’s not even being hidden. Also, people’s social media accounts gives one great perspective, I usually start there. A writer from the Argus has a very interesting “like” page and if you don’t think that that bias spills into their writing, you’re a fool.

    We don’t even watch our local MSM. Those teleprompter readers are restricted from reporting about what else is happening in our communities. I bet Angela K. is aching to dig deeper into EB-5, Gear Up, etc, but is met with resistance. I spend time on other news outlets like: SDWC, Sibby Online, SouthDacola, etc.because no one controls what they say, they’re informative and the comment section isn’t closed. PP serves it up real nice;) SDWC has an impact, if it didn’t we wouldn’t be seeing politicians’ advertisements.

    Gen Z is going to rock. The “Cool Kids” are conservative and if you have faith in God too, watch out, you’re revolutionary. Students, I hope you take seriously the importance of reporting facts and allowing the community to decide for themselves. I watched CNN on LwCrowder, for 16hrs, not once did they mention the dossier, that’s called lying by omission. CNN and other MSM is destructive and it’s on purpose. Get out and do some honest investigative reporting, you won’t regret it.

    P.S. MAGA!!

  12. 5:41 – Here’s an example of writing to a specific, directed narrative (bias):

    From your link, I read this paragraph, “Sharia law is a guide to daily life for practicing Muslims, derived from the Qur’an and the teachings of the prophet Mohammed. It tells Muslims, for example, what to eat and not to eat. Its interpretation and practice vary around the world.”

    Why is there only one example? And, do you notice what type of example it is about? Food. One of the most noncontroversial topics in the Koran. Why not include other examples? How about:

    Koran 2:191 Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.
    Koran 3:21 Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.
    Koran 5:33 Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam.
    Koran 9:123 Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.

    This guy is an outsider. The Muslim community doesn’t believe him, he looks white. When I moved to MT, I had SD plates and people would make it a point to tell me to go back from where I came.They didn’t want me there, I was not a native Montanan. Do you think this could be a similar situation? I do. I couldn’t read the entire article, it started to hurt my head to continue enduring the biased narrative;)

    If you don’t know or believe that CAIR and the MBH and ISIS are connected, you are a fool. It’s kind of like Planned Parenthood. If you don’t know or believe that PP has and possibly still is selling aborted baby parts, your are a fool.

    1. Amen, sister;) January of 2015 this interview was posted, two years ago. What’s changed since then? Have things gotten better or worse? Well-played and bookmarked.

      Now, just so we all know my statement is, shall we say, is 25% truth;)

      I wonder if people would be concerned a teacher of journalism says this, “your half educated, right wing nonsense.” Is this proof we should be questioning the bias academia/teachers is indoctrinating our children with. Disappointing. Dehumanize Conservatives and violence against them starts to be accepted and justified.

    1. Frightening. I’d like to add that my “truth %” just went up;)

      Thanks, Tara.
      Thanks, PPowers for allowing these to stay posted.

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