Summit Carbon Solutions fact sheet distributed to legislators and others about the $795 million investment of the pipeline project

Yesterday, representatives of the Summit Carbon Solutions pipeline (which advertises on the right) distributed a fact sheet about the Summit Carbon pipeline and the economic impact it will have in the state, which gives me the opportunity to share it with you all here:

Summit Carbon Solutions – Economic Impact South Dakota by Pat Powers on Scribd

Big takeaways are that in the construction phase, the total South Dakota investment of the pipeline is $795 million, with total labor income in of South Dakota $440 million, and State and Local Taxes Paid by SCS (South Dakota) of $74 million with annual South Dakota expenditures thereafter of $37 million.


2022-08-03 MEMO to Legislators – Project Update v2[79] by Pat Powers on Scribd

Read up, and find out more about the positive economic impact it will have for residents of the state, as well as the benefits it will provide to ethanol production in South Dakota.  And find out more by clicking here.

13 thoughts on “Summit Carbon Solutions fact sheet distributed to legislators and others about the $795 million investment of the pipeline project”

  1. Greenwashing. I stand with the land owners that don’t want this thing on their property.

  2. Republicans are schizophrenic. Oil pipelines = good. Carbon dioxide pipelines = bad.

  3. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, and is in fact necessary for plant life. “Carbon capture” is just another scam for the elites to enrich themselvers.

  4. Eminent Domain being wielded by rich corporations for a vanity project to sell ethanol in liberal California. Not a public improvement. Not a public work. Not a public necessity. Farmers and ranchers against corporate cheats and tax-dodgers. Kinda curious what Kristi’s dear old Dad would say about this. Duttons vs. Dan Lederman.

  5. The project maybe okay but the use of eminent domain should not be granted. Eminent domain must be reserved for public utilities projects.

  6. They’ve been working on easements for nearly a year. There is 469 miles of pipeline in SD and they’re boasting a voluntary easement for “over 145 miles.” According to all measurable standards, 30% is a miserable failure. It’s a $3.7 billion, 2000 mile project. So that’s an average of $1.85 million per mile. At 469 miles in SD, that would mean an investment of $867 million. It’s almost like they heard counties are looking at doing a permit fee of a percentage of the project cost and now summit is trying to minimize their admitted costs in SD.

    The Republican Party from the general public is in no way behind this project. But, money talks. And the first line of this article speaks pretty loudly.

  7. My objection to this is the same as my objection to the Keystone XL pipeline.
    Any time a private company is getting the government to use Eminent Domain to seize the land of people who don’t want to sell, it’s wrong.
    Period end of story.
    I don’t care what side of the political aisle the project is favored by.
    Eminent Doman should only be used if the land is being used by the government.

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