Dem State Treasurer candidate running to promote woke agenda and witch hunt. As opposed to the actual job of State Treasurer.

Well that’s interesting. According to the most impossible to remember website name ever ( Democrat State Treasurer candidate John Cunningham seems to be running to do a lot of things if he’s elected. It’s too bad that none of them are actually in the treasurer’s job description:

I envision a South Dakota State Treasurer that considers the ethical choice in all matters first. Government ethics applies to the processes, behavior, and policy of governments and the public officials who serve in elected or appointed positions.


I envision a South Dakota State Treasury Office that aggressively searches for state financial activities that are improper, unethical or illegal activities such as the EB-5 and Gear Up scandals and exposes them to the public.

So, he’s going to what the what? Read that crazy-talk here.

What does South Dakota law say about Cunningham’s proposed bag of woke goofiness in relation to the treasurer’s office?  Well, here’s the actual duties of the State Treasurer:

1-10-1General duties of treasurer.

The state treasurer shall have charge of and safely keep all public moneys which shall be paid into the state treasury, and pay out the same as directed by law, and perform such other duties as are required of him by law.

Read the duties of the Treasurer here.

So, where the part where they’re supposed to be the ethics czar and monitor what they deem the ethical choices for all processes, behavior, and policy of governments? I don’t see that in that section of law.   What about the part where they aggressively search for state financial activities that are improper, unethical or illegal.  Don’t some of those fall under the Attorney General’s duties or at least those of the State Auditor?

I mean, if he wanted to be Attorney General or State Auditor, he probably should have run for one of those jobs, instead of campaigning to be the manager of South Dakota’s bank accounts.

According to the State Treasurer, you can find a description of what the job actually entails here:

Financial Stewardship

The State Treasurer is the state’s chief banking official serving as the receiver and custodian of all state fund transfers and deposits. The office also manages banking relationships for the state of South Dakota and monitors local bank accounts held by various state agencies. Treasurer, Josh Haeder, additionally plays a role in responsible management of South Dakota’s resources by sitting on the board of the State Investment Council which manages investment of the financial assets of the State of South Dakota. Additionally, the State Treasurer is a member of the State Board of Finance which manages state financial issues including bad debt, moving allowance for state transfers, per diem allowances, etc

Read that here.

Just seeing that you manage the state’s bank accounts, and keep an eye on it’s assets. It’s a lot of money, so there are several full-time jobs involved, even without trying to claim you’re going to do everyone else’s.

What was that the @SDGOP twitter account was saying a few weeks back?  Not seeing anything here about being Captain Wokey-pants, policing the ethical choice and searching for illegal activities.

8 thoughts on “Dem State Treasurer candidate running to promote woke agenda and witch hunt. As opposed to the actual job of State Treasurer.”

  1. Pat–the millions lost in the E-B5 and Gear Up scandals went right past (or around) the State Treasurer, Auditor, and AG’s office. No one blew the whistle.I have doubts that those scandals would have occurred with Dave Volk, Vern Larson, Alice Kundert, or Bill Janklow in office.

    1. Proof? It was hidden in govs office under agencies who have expenditure authority from legislature. You all like to talk, but it’s just talk. Dems don’t have the votes to win statewide races in South Dakota.

      1. On the first part. If the expenditure has been signed by someone with authority, the treasurer must pay it even if it is improper, unethical, or if questionable legality. However he can report it. That’s the additional scrutiny I proposed.
        I have no reason to believe that my opponent does anything improper or illegal or unethical. Both of us will perform the specified duties of the treasurer. The real question is: who will take things to the next level and report suspicious activity. I will.

      1. Haeder I only see on TV. But his opponent is as old as Biden. We need more young people involved. I checked this website, the guy sounds like and ahole. There is a reason Democrats can’t win.. terrible candidates.

  2. Reid J. says “Proof? It (EB-5 and Gear-Up monies) was hidden in govs office under agencies who have expenditure authority from the legislature.”

    Yikes!! You’re saying hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent by agencies with NO oversight by State Constitutional Officers whose duty is to provide such oversight. Maybe. When Janklow and Meirhenry were in office there was a member of the governor’s staff assigned to do coordination with each department and an assistant attorney general assigned to each department to keep those personnel within legal parameters. I’m not sure how departments worked with the Treasurer or Auditor, but know those Constitutional Officers had routine contact with the Department Secretaries and financial officers.

    The system you describe seems awfully loose to me. We only find out about financial misadventures when dead bodies start appearing around the state. I wish both Mr. Haeder and Mr. Cunningham well and hope they have a spirited campaign which sheds some light on our often neglected Constitutional Offices.

    1. Fortunately the current Treasurer has done a really nice job with the office. First time I really ever heard of unclaimed property. Keep up the good work Treasurer Haeder in re-election.

    2. More like millions. Most of the quasi public-private groups that the state funds are done so to provide funds to people they don’t want the public to know about. It’s a good way to hide money going to private businesses and the wealthy.

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