That’s not helping their case…

Anyone swayed by Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner’s plea for a veto of HB 1008 as noted in the Argus this AM?


The measure, sponsored by Rep. Fred Deutsch, R-Florence, would bar transgender students from using public school bathrooms, locker rooms and shower rooms of the gender with which they identify. Those who don’t want to use bathrooms of their biological sex could request that the schools provide “reasonable accommodations.”

Read it here.

I’m not thinking reality TV stars getting involved helps their case. Unless someone promises to launch the Kardashians into orbit, never to return to the planet…

21 thoughts on “That’s not helping their case…”

    1. There are some responses that just make you shake your head and wonder, “it that ALL there is to their ‘argument'”.


        1. Science matters.

          Science trumps your feelings.

          Science trumps Bruce’s feelings.

          Why are you opposed to that?

          1. Let’s ask Josh Duggar, Donald Trump, and those Duck Dynasty guys. Surely they can shed some light on your questions that can lead you back to the current topic.

            1. The original story is about bill in front of the SD governor. The basis for that bill is the science of biology and genetics.

              Opponents of the bill, like Bruce and you, are opposed out of your faith in feelings and religious-based intolerance.

              Why is that?

              1. The post was about Caitlyn Jenner and whether or not she was helping the cause by putting in her 2¢. Please try to stay relevant.

                1. His/her/cis’s “cause” is the bill sitting before the SD governor.

                  The bill is based on the science, unlike Bruce’s screed.

                  You, based on your posts, deny that science as well.

                  It’s related and reasonable to ask you, why?

                  Do you agree with that or not?

                  1. I coached a slightly… distracted kid in little league once. Instead of playing third base, he would have his back to the batter and be building little sand castles in the agri-lime.

                    I’ll tell you the same thing I told him, “Yo! Turn around an pay attention or you’re gonna get a ball up your backside!”

                    1. Not too long ago, I debated a ball player who claimed that the laws of science & physics did not apply to him or his ideas.

                      One of his ideas was that he could hit a home run with a bamboo shoot because the bamboo shoot told him it was a wooden bat and wanted surgery that would make it look more like a wooden bat.

                      I told him, “Son, show me the science that supports your view that you can hit a home run with a bamboo shoot simply because the bamboo feels like it should be treated like wooden bat. Until then Precious, a bamboo shoot is just a bamboo shoot.”

                      Got any more stories, Precious?

  1. I can’t stand reality shows like Kardashians and their promotion of narcissism. Caitlyn unfortunately thru association brings that negative baggage with her which I feel turns out to be a liability when she tries to be the spokesperson for transgender related matters.

    Caitlyn has had to deal with a private hell all those years and wish she would try to live as private life as she can and enjoy it.

    I remember those years during the cold war when our Olympic teams would be underdogs facing juiced up Soviet Eastern Bloc athletes and Bruce Jenner was a hero we needed at the time.

    Caitlyn life is way too short. Go live your life!

    1. Bruce was born with a Y chromosome, and no number of surgeries will change that. I choose not to support and confirm Bruce Jenner’s mental illness by calling him a her.

  2. he/she is probably trying to rehabilitate the damage to the family “brand” caused by Kanye West, who is guilty of vandalism in a landfill.

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