Welcoming a new Advertiser – Neal Tapio

We have a new advertiser, Neal Tapio, who is joining us for a while.

Neal is a successful entrepreneur, a long time conservative Republican, and self described “Tea-Party believing, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin listening, Donald Trump loving potential candidate for office” who is looking to change the conversation for South Dakota conservatives, and re-focusing what’s important for members of the Republican party in South Dakota.

His website will be linked soon, but until then, we can all be intrigued by what he’s going to bring forth.

Welcome Neal!

13 thoughts on “Welcoming a new Advertiser – Neal Tapio”

  1. Who the hell is this guy and why would anyone care about him? His last name sounds like a pudding.

    1. “Puddin’ together a campaign!” “Puddin’ the country back on track!”

  2. “Nationalism and populism have overtaken conservatism in terms of appeal.”

    -Rush Limbaugh

  3. Does “it” possess “time”? Unless there’s an unexpected clever message here, I assume this guy should have used an apostrophe (it’s). What a way to introduce himself!

  4. If it involves Limbaugh, Levin and Trump there isn’t much change there. . .Unless anyone from that trio decides on some “trans” route of their characters, they’ll essentially be the marshmallow fluff of the conservative movement and if anyone calls this Tapio fellow friend they should advise him there are better options to prop up as inspiration. Limbaugh alone is heavily responsible for the oxidization how we went from The American Spectator and Goldwater to Ted Nugent and Duck Dynasty. Levin hawks books. If conservatives have any hope in SD it’s not going to be with the same lukewarm Fox backwash we keep hearing but a new way of untying the Gordian Knot.

  5. Pat,

    Didn’t you do a post about a Neal Tapio like 5 or 6 years ago stating that his website was linked to a gay porn site? Is this the same guy? If so, I sure hope that’s not what he’s promoting now!!

  6. I’ve known Neal since childhood. He’s a great conservative and a great South Dakotan. Welcome to DWC!

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