The Hubbel Manifesto – Lora Hubbel’s platform as presented at her announcement today

In case you wanted to read Lora Hubbel’s platform as presented today at her “official announcement for Governor:”

Hubbel Manifesto by Pat Powers on Scribd

24 thoughts on “The Hubbel Manifesto – Lora Hubbel’s platform as presented at her announcement today”

  1. Excellent. Print is a little small. She is going to be an exciting candidate…..Ms. Drano.

  2. I think you mean Draino. Meaning maybe she’ll finally go drown the drain and stop running for office. My Golden Retriever has a better chance of becoming Governor

    1. You know, I have a golden retriever too. They are awesome dogs. Golden retrievers for governor!

    2. Like DRANO…. Drain the Swamp. I got the spelling right. That’s what they said about Trump.

  3. KELO was out to lunch……what has happened to SD journalism? They didn’t show up because they were short of staff. What an excuse. Bring back the Buddha. He would have been there.

    1. Tara:

      Angela Kennecke is on vacation all this week, so KELO-TV is short-handed by at least one reporter/anchor. With the July 4th holiday week, I wouldn’t be surprised if all media outlets are running on skeleton crews.

      1. Maybe they could have made a courtesy call and asked if she could come to the studio for an interview. COMMUNICATE!

  4. KELO didn’t show up because they rarely have the time to cover fringe candidates.

  5. Better Pat’s Goldie than Lora. At least his dog has never claimed that having babies sleep on their back was a ploy to make them more susceptible to government control.

  6. Are you afraid to talk about her platform, so you have to divert the real issues. Not going to work.

  7. The real issue is that even if she does have a good platform, there’s such a large documented pile of tinfoil hat garbage that she has no chance. A quick search done by the people that have never heard of her (which I’d guess is most of the state), and her chances are done. She’s just said waaaaay too many things that even the late night radio talk show guys would laugh at.

  8. Check her resume. People get to enamored with titles and money. I hope people studies each candidate and the issues like health care, ethics, transparency, etc.

  9. Tara,

    Out of 15 responses, 8 are from you.

    Do you really think “you’re helping?”

  10. I am all for free speech. Just telling the truth. I am not worried about helping….helping what William. Lora doesn’t need any help from me. She can think for herself.

  11. Since Lora is now a candidate for Governor, I want her medical and mental health records under the Freedom of Information Act. Failure to have them provided proves their is a conspiracy, coverup and cronyism.

  12. When the other candidates release their medical records.
    I don;t think you have to publish your medical records running for Governor.

  13. I know that responding to Lora’s manifesto will do little good, but this way she and Tara can’t argue that no one is willing to respond to the substance of her manifesto.

    1. She says she wants to honor FOIA requests, but she doesn’t say how, except by mentioning the autopsy report she wasn’t allowed to see. So does she propose to make all autopsy reports public, even though they contain a significant of private medical information? Does she want all criminal investigations open to FOIA requests? What is her actual plan here?

    2. She complains about ObamaCare, but offers absolutely no health care policy of her own. Does she know that as governor of South Dakota, she doesn’t get a vote in Congress, which is where repeal has to occur? Again, what specific plans does she have as governor to obtain “health care relief for South Dakotans.”

    3. She complains about the Common Core State Standards, but again doesn’t give any plan for what she wants to do. Common Core is a set of standards for what students are expected to learn at each grade level in the subjects of English and Math. South Dakota had state standards before these were adopted. Does she propose to revert back to those standards? If so, she should tell us why the prior standards were better, with citation to the actual content of the standards. The Common Core State Standards do not tell parents to not read to their children nor do they tell parents to not help them with their homework. That’s just false. If she wants to replace Common Core, that’s fine, but she needs to have a real argument that says why her proposed standards are better than the Common Core standards by comparing the language of actual standards.

    So after going through her manifesto, we see that there is actually no substance to Lora’s campaign. It’s all complaints and attacks without any real proposals or programs to make South Dakota better.

  14. So what are your comments on the other candidates and their positions? The public deserve many town meetings and debates. It will be interesting to see the 3 debate each other.

  15. Mark, you need to do some researching and find out her positions on health care. To say she has no health care policy…..Wrong again.

    1. She is the candidate. She is supposed to convince me. I shouldn’t have to do research to find out her opinions. She put out the “manifesto.” That was a perfect place to tell people what her health care policy is. She didn’t, probably because she doesn’t have one. Tara, if you know what it is, why don’t you share it with us?

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