Watch The Kristi Noem Story – America’s Governor

From Twitter comes the story of Kristi Noem: America’s Governor:

33 thoughts on “Watch The Kristi Noem Story – America’s Governor”

  1. Thankfully Spencer Gosch and Steve Haugaard weren’t able to shut the state down when she tried to keep it open.

  2. A media company out of Cleveland, Ohio produced this? There are a number of media/production companies here in South Dakota. Another example of how South Dakotans are used as expendable props to advance her career most likely out of state. Maybe not with this production but taxpayer dollars have been misused to prop her up too. All this outsourcing.

    2026 cannot come soon enough to hopefully have a candidate for governor that is focused on bettering the lives of all South Dakotans rather than use public office solely for personal gain.

    1. Anonymous at 9:02, I have a novel idea: better your own damn life yourself. You want a better life? Don’t wait for the state to do it for you. Get off the couch, pull your pants up, and do something about it. Quit drinking, lose weight, get some exercise, grow some tomatoes. Read a book, fly a kite, take up bird watching or star gazing. Turn off the TV, get rid of the video games, go to church. You’ll have a better life.

      1. anon 9:13 – the point about out of state production expenditures and use of sd and its residents as theater props is valid. your insulting shamefest rant response was not.

        1. it still stands that it is not the state’s nor the governor’s job to better your life, it’s yours.

          1. If we gauge her job performance in the private sector then she would be either terminated or the position would be under review for elimination which would yield costs savings.

          2. It still stands that we have seen past governors who put improving the state, and thus its residents lives, as a higher priority than improving their national office prospects – one in particular who followed his governorship with a still ongoing senate career where we never doubt that he puts the state first. thank god.

    1. Ed💥💥💥

      Back with the funny! Your new vibe will get you in noem’s cabinet soon. Keep shoveling. Oddly you are more than qualified to join the clown car team.

  3. Dear Ed and all: I agree with Anonymous at 9:02…The Governor’s Office says no state monies were expended on this video…but it’s produced by the same people who blessed us with the TV Ads (at millions of dollars). Have you ever heard of quid pro quo???

  4. Propaganda – pure and simple. Bow down to our dear leader of South Dakota. Her insightfulness and revisionist history shall live for ages! All hail Dear Leader Kristi Noem!

  5. When I watched this and given what has happened to Kristi Noem over the years I immediately thought of the closing scene of the Devils Advocate with the Devil played by Al Pacino . “Vanity is definitely my favorite sin.”

    “Vanity, The Devil’s Favorite Sin And Leadership’s Worst Enemy” by Luis E. Romero contributor to Forbes Magazine June 21 2021

  6. The crazies behaving like crazies hasn’t made the good governor ok with us. Playing like none of her ridiculous behavior ever happened isn’t gonna play.

  7. grudznick thinks mayhap they throw a movie like this out there every once in a while to just to stir up the NDS as much as anything else.

    PS: The lobbists get to make a living like everybody else. Good for those fellows.

    1. Dicta from the other site, Grudz. Tell me you arent playing like people being grossed out by the governor’s behavior and subsequent weird walkbacks as “deranged.” She’s always been a bit of a political opportunist, but this entire episode also showed her complete unwillingness to ever admit fault and lie far too easily. Be better than this, Grudz.

  8. i avoid “x” like the plague, musk has turned it into a toxic smoking crater. if it shows up somewhere else i might see it.

    1. Enquirer avoiding X makes a lot of sense as your emotional and intellectual immaturity doesn’t allow you to see or hear things you don’t like.

      Free speech rights and intellectual freedom demand even the reprehensible are able to speak, if for no reason than we can see such people and views in the light of day and judge them directly for their words and actions. It’s in the darkness where evil prevails and in the light where it is burned.

      Or are you just mad Musk exposed your devotion to Faucci, making you a fool?

      1. Ms. Enquirer, in general, despises those who don’t follow the establishment directives and especially those who tell the truth about her love interest, Liz Cheney.

  9. Her lack of shame in lying to South Dakotans in order to pull one over on other Americans to better her career is sickening. She’s a gross, unserious person not fit for leadership.

  10. This “documentary” will need to be updated (just like the book) to include a part about how when 1/3 of the state is under water she is in DC giving a stump speech. No Show Noem.

    1. and what is the governor supposed to do about the weather? We have flooding here. We have always had flooding here, just as we have always had blizzards, polar vortices, tornadoes, droughts and heat waves. It’s always something: either too hot or too cold, too wet or too dry. It’s called “continentality.” The middle of a continent has extreme weather, with none of that in-between wishy-washy stuff they have on the coasts.

      What’s funny is listening to people who annually say that the current season is the hottest or coldest one in memory, and reminding them “you said the same thing last year.”

      1. To be fair: I’m thrilled for the rain after 5 or so years of serious drought, but this feels like a guy who gets thirsty after some potato chips and is promptly waterboarded.

  11. Why put it on “X” instead of somewhere it will get a bunch more eyeballs on it like YouTube?

  12. It’s just a puff piece. It’s so insipid it’s embarrassing.
    Somebody needs to tell her “no.”

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