Watertown paper giving love to Kristi Noem for Governor in 2018

In an editorial printed in the Watertown Public Opinion this week, the editorial board would appear to be giving love to Congresswoman Kristi Noem as to whether she should consider seeking the office of Governor in 2018:

There also appears to be a solid movement favoring a gubernatorial candidacy by U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem of Castlewood which, if she decides to make a move for the governor’s chair, would potentially create atleast a threeway primary.

This isn’t the first time her name has come up as a potential candidate for governor. Political experts point to her experience in one statewide primary in 2010 and three general election campaigns in 2010, ’12 and ’14 as valuable assets. Plus, throw in the historical significance of her being the first woman Governor in South Dakota history, and it makes her possible entry into the race even more intriguing.

Read it here at the Watertown Public Opinion (Subscription required)

Do you think Kristi Noem could possibly be South Dakota’s first female Governor?

It didn’t happen with Wismer this last election, as I don’t think anyone thought she could legitimately compete with Daugaard. But Kristi is a horse of a different color, and an electoral force unto herself. Would the historical significance of her being a legitimate candidate who can win a general election give her a boost among female voters across the board as compared to her potential male competitors?

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  1. Nothing against Congresswoman Noem , But why bring up gender politics . How about this novel idea . Do your homework ask the questions , check the principles & values of the candidates then pick your candidate .

    1. Don’t preach that too much, you’d be voted out for raising taxes and other moderate ventures.

      1. If you think Rep. Verchio is a “moderate,” you have a very skewed idea of the political spectrum. You are also grossly misinformed about his voting record, which is 100% conservative. Of course, you are also clearly a coward and a troll, given your disingenuous and anonymous user name. Crawl back to the shadows.

        1. Pot meet kettle..

          Verchio voted to increase taxes, fees, and state govt. You must have ignored those in your computations of giving him a 100% on his imaginary conservative report card?

          1. See my observations above about being a coward and a troll – they apply equally to you. Those who criticize bear the burden of proof. It is your onus to cite chapter and verse for Verchio’s purported votes to tax and spend. This should be rich…

  2. I’d put Noem as the leader of the race but not by as much as she probably thinks she is. Jackley and Mickelson will probably be very much in the hunt. I

    If Noem runs for Governor she puts that House seat in jeopardy and Brendan Johnson could easily become a US Congressman in 2019 and then take on Rounds in 2020 or Thune in 2022.

    1. You’re right about her putting her seat in jeopardy. I believe she is already putting that seat in jeopardy by not using her noggin when speaking, writing or taking action in DC.

      Voters are getting tired of the DC garbage and Noem is now part of the broken system, picking losing battles at almost every turn.

      1. Noem is a Boehner lackey and has carried the buckets repeatedly for the RINOs.

      2. Who the hell cares anymore about her seat? She is a POS who has never followed through on her campaign promises. She’s spent almost all of her time ENABLING Obama on illegal amnesty and helping to nudge Obama Care across the SCOTUS finish line when she twice campaigned to help overturn it. And then went along with coward Boehner to fund it.

        At least in Pierre she would be at her own intellectual level and she can decide what colors are best for Bernie Hunhoff’s new politically correct state flag– or something of similar major import.

    2. We’re always talking about how deep the GOP bench is. Why is her running for Gov putting that seat in jeopardy?

  3. Oh come on, with Obama as President and the 60 vote requirement in the Senate, the GOP Congress has their hands full – she’s doing the best that they can.

  4. Ok this is not meant as a criticism so we’ll see the defense hairs on high alert I am certain. But, if Herseth or Brendan run for gov Kristi may very well be the titan in the GOP primary and still end up being the weakest in a general election. Especially against Herseth.
    As ludicrous as it sounds…two seats are therefore “at risk” not just the House seat.

    1. This is the smartest comment so far in the thread.

      I would agree that she would be the weakest against SHS even though she is most likely the strongest in the primary as of now.

  5. Other than speculation that Kristi “could” run for Governor, is there any evidence that she has any desire to run for that office?

  6. I hope she runs. South Dakota really needs leadership like only Kristi can provide.


    1). It is insulting to infer her gender makes her somehow more attractive as Governor. Either she has what it takes or doesn’t and she will do better than her opponents or not.

    2). The skills to be a good Givernor are not necessarily the same which make a great member of Congress.

    3). The issues upon which one judges a member of Congress and Governor are not the same.

    4). Like Dugger, I don’t know the degree she is considering it but I am not sure it matters right now. By the time she has to decide a lot can change one way or another.

    5). By virtue of Name ID and recognition for being good as a member of Congress, I would bet she would lead polls. However, she has to formidable potential opponents who bring other skills and merits to be Governor. In particular, Mickelson knows from his dad’s experience of being way behind early that hard work and a better vision can prevail.

    Because of Mickelson’s reflective and studious personality enhanced by hard work of meeting and listening, my bet is he will have the most fully developed thoughts on the future of the state. If the resonate, he will attract a most significant of the primary voters undecided or softly committed.

    In a race where 40% will be enough to win, that will put him over the top.

    6). Jackley has a unique problem. The image of AG isn’t the same as Governor. He has to walk a fine line between looking like a Governor while not ceasing to be AG. Janklow did it but Barnett didn’t.

    This race is wide open.

    P.S. Ironically, Noem’s chances go up if this next election is against someone who is tough. If she gets a lay-up like this last race, she will no longer be the favorite.

  8. I see Mark Mickelson as the front runner and will likely succeed in winning but anything could happen. Noem if she decides to run will have the advantage of her campaign war chest to access, her name recognition and South Dakota voters like her.

  9. you should all practice saying ‘governor matt michels.’ it will come in handy.

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