What legislators are agreeing to the special session? From the Internet.

I’ll add to this as I am sent/come across more.

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  1. There is no reason for impeachment.

    So why look at the evidence the prosecutors could not find anything more than a couple class 2 misdemeanors.

    end this already and move on to more important issues

      1. I am going to laugh my butt off if they really do take up this impeachment session, and all the evidence shows that Mr. Boevors role in the incident was greater than just walking down a highway. I mean, no witness has ever come forward to prove the AG was drinking, and there is NO evidence of reckless behavior. I mean, what are they going to find that is not already known today?

        It is not like we are discussing a couple felonies or Class 1 Misdemeanors, we are talking two class 2 misdemeanors that are very common in South Dakota as typical accidents.

        1. Nothing reckless, just a man driving outside the lane of travel and striking a pedestrian who is walking on the shoulder of the road. Nope, nothing reckless about driving on the shoulder. In fact, I think passing on the shoulder should be completely legal as well.

          1. 1st off, it was never proven Ravnsborg was driving on the shoulder completely. I mean honestly, who here has ever done that in their life, drifted over and was completing driving on the shoulder on a highway. 0 % have done that on their own. Hence, Ravensburg was doing that.

            Additionally, let’s not forget rumble strips. Do you think that someone would pass over, not once but twice, a rumble strip and be so oblivious to it that he or she would not correct their driving trajectory?? Come on man, there is no way that happened.

  2. Didn’t the Governor and Secretary Price already violate HIPPA and Marcy’s Law as the wife’s attorney alleged she should be protected with if they turned over the autopsy and other medical information to the Speaker? Was the wife’s permission sought and given? Doesn’t appear that way.

    I think the Speaker is being prudent and proceeding carefully and cautiously.

    1. Is it a HIPAA violation? No, because HIPAA only applies to “Health plans , Health care clearinghouses ,Health care providers”
      Unless you are in the Health Care industry, it doesn’t apply to you.

      Marcy’s Law – maybe. The question is does transferring materials from one governmental agency to another for the performance of one of their constitutionally mandated duties count as a violation. If it went to court, they’d most likely find it legal, but unless it does, then that’s open.

      1. Digging into the Marsy’s law the section that MIGHT apply is:

        The right, upon request, to prevent the
        disclosure to the public, or the defendant or
        anyone acting on behalf of the defendant in the
        criminal case, of information or records that
        could be used to locate or harass the victim or
        the victim’s family, or which could disclose
        confidential or privileged information about the
        victim, and to be notified of any request for
        such information or records. This does not limit
        law enforcement from sharing information with
        the public for purposes of enlisting the public’s
        help in solving a crime;

        This almost certainly doesn’t apply as the State House and Senate are, when performing their official duties, not “The Public.”
        They are the Government.

  3. Fred— you should vote no on a special session and concentrate on the transgender bathroom issue in a way that addresses the Vermillion situation in another post.

    You did a great job leading the charge before on that issue.

  4. Rep Deutsch: please point out the statutory or constitutional provisions granting the legislature the power to “study the facts of the case”.

    It’s a trial. Due process applies. You will enter facts in evidence, examine witnesses and a vote on impeachment will happen. You know this, don’t try to spin it as something different

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