When the going gets tough, Lora Hubbel brings on the conspiracy theories

After receiving a whopping 20 votes out of 1761 ballots cast at the South Dakota’s GOP Straw poll, what’s a candidate to do to work their way up from her ranking near the bottom?

For GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Lora Hubbel, it’s to warn her followers about how Hurricanes are being weaponized, pointing out that it’s what they did in the Rapid City Flood of 1972:

16 thoughts on “When the going gets tough, Lora Hubbel brings on the conspiracy theories”

  1. I am going to look at her signature list and see if anyone I know is crazy enough to sign it…

    When the people say don’t sign petitions it should not just be ballot measures but no to Lora and No to Mr. LaFleur….

    Let us discuss the issues of the serious candidates please

  2. 1947? What a nut. Everybody knows hurricanes have been weaponized since 480 BC when the Greek gods sent a gale to block the Persian fleet prior to the Battle of Thermopoly.

    Someone with no knowledge of the classics is unqualified to be governor.

    1. There are interesting scenes in “The White Queen” in which Jacquetta of Luxembourg and Elizabeth Woodville use witchcraft to call up bad weather with excellent results for the House of York.

      1. Why don’t you post something of substance, like what she is going to do about health care. Taking posts from Lora’s personal fb that aren’t even relevant to the Governor’s race is nothing more than deflecting from real issues. It goes for the other candidates too, just stupid stuff. People want to know what these candidates are going to do for SD. Photos, straw polls, and who raises the most money means nothing unless you have substance and a game plan to back it up. This Governors race is not a congeniality contest.

        1. She is running for governor…posting weird conspiracy theories is entirely relevant, she put herself in the public eye.

  3. I think she needs to stop thinking about running for public office and just concentrate on doing something worthwhile that is actually beneficial to South Dakota. Posting idiocy such as this only makes people laugh harder at her than they already are.

  4. I smell voter fraud and ballot box stuffing. No way Lora gets 20 out of 1761 votes unless the box is stuffed…… or the counters are drinking

    1. Lee, you know there’s at least 20 nutty people out there. At least half of them populate the comment section of DFP!

      1. Most have out of state ID’s and may not qualify to vote in the straw poll if they check IDs. A few would not know how to get back to South Dakota and another missing his false teeth and looking very suspicious is always on the lookout for cops.

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