A legislative seat opens up in Brookings, District 7.

State Representative Scott Munsterman announced at the crackerbarrel today that he’s deciding to take a pass on another term in the House of Representatives. I was speaking with a candidate for office this morning at that time, so I didn’t get to hear what he said. But I know he’s taking a step back for personal reasons which many who know him understand.

And I suspect he’s been stretched a bit thin over the past couple of years with everything he’s doing, and just needed to take a break.

In the legislature, parents of kids on the autism spectrum in South Dakota have Scott to thank for all the progress we’ve made in trying to cover therapy for them through our insurance, as it all started with his introduction of a committee bill a couple of years back which started us on the path to where we are today.

It’s that kind of thing that wasn’t on anyone’s radar. It was probably unpopular in some circles.  But, as a result of Scott’s leadership, it’s been on everyone’s radar since.

I’m sad that he’s taking a pass, as Scott is one of those rare individuals serving in the legislature whom I can unequivocally say is not just a public servant, but a genuinely good and decent person to his core.

It’s not that others aren’t, but I’ve spent a bit of time with Scott, since his second place finish in the run for Governor in 2010 and gotten to know him. I might not always have agreed with him 100% of the time (see the tan ban), but I’d never question his motives, or the fact he’s trying to do good.  There are people who get involved with politics that you gravitate towards and support because you believe in them. That would describe Scott Munsterman.

In a political word where cynicism is the word of the day, believing in someone is no light thing. Scott is one of those people who you could do so without reservation.  We can hope that someday, he thinks about getting back into it, because in a time where we see our presidential candidates squabbling and name calling on national television, we need more people like Scott Munsterman serving in public office.

At the least, we’re all a little better off for him giving us the time he could, and giving many of us someone to believe in.

Scott: Good luck, and thank you my friend.

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  1. Anonymous

    He will be missed. From what I hear, there are already 2-3 good Republican candidates lining up to run for that spot!


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