About that Governor’s race. Looking bleaker for Dems in 2018.

A few interesting developments have been swirling in the ether recently for the Governor’s race in 2018 that affect the lay of the land. And they’re related to the fortunes of Democrats.

First off, there’s Mayor Mike Huether, who seems to be his own worst enemy.

If you haven’t noticed, under the leadership of Mayor Mike Huether, Sioux Falls has gained the reputation of becoming Crime City, U.S.A.   Back in 2015, Sioux Falls was named among the Top 10 Cities Where Crime is Soaring:

While the prevalence of violent crime — which includes murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault — has declined in many of the nation’s metropolitan areas, in some regions it has increased. In Bismarck, North Dakota, the violent crime rate grew by nearly 92.4% — from 206.6 cases per 100,000 people in 2009 to 397.6 in 2013. Based on figures published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), these are the metropolitan areas with the greatest increases in the violent crime rate.

#9 – Sioux Falls, South Dakota: 37.7% –In 2009, there were 212 violent crimes reported per 100,000 people in the Sioux Falls metro area, one of the lower rates nationwide. By 2013, the rate had risen to 292 violent crimes per 100,000 people, an increase of nearly 38% — the 10th largest increase among U.S. metro areas. City officials last year attributed part of this huetherspike in crime to population growth. Yet, this does not fully explain the higher crime rate. Some crimes are also becoming more common than others. Methamphetamine-related crimes, for example, have risen dramatically in the area since 2009. Despite the increase in crime rate in recent years, however, the city remains significantly safer when compared to the national violent crime rate of 367.9 per 100,000 people, and the local economy is relatively strong. Just 3.3% of the area’s workforce was unemployed in 2013, one of the lower rates nationwide.

Read that here.

Between that, and anecdotes of Sioux Falls’ autocratic executive branch doing things just because they can, such as shaking down the local swim team for cash, and then reneging on an agreement, his dogged pursuit of more and bigger city offices for the administration,  and continued instances where people are noticing he’s taken to calling himself as “the mayor of South Dakota”  don’t paint Huether in a favorable light even among Democrats.

At this point, Huether may struggle coming out on top in a Democrat primary, much less competing on equal footing to the Republican primary winner in a deep red Republican state.

Writing off Huether at this point (whether he runs or not), there’s the other person who has been widely talked about in the race.

Former Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, who moved down to Sioux Falls herself a few years back has long been looked as as being the Democrat’s best (or possibly only) chance to give a respectable run for the highest state office for her party.

But, surprise! She may have entirely different plans than most people have been superimposing on top of her resume after looking at her family history.

A couple of weeks back on Facebook, a few people were chatting about Stephanie, and asking when she was going to announce her entrance into the Gubernatorial contest for 2018. In response , a Democrat County Party chairperson for one of the larger counties in the state replied that they were told that very day that as opposed to the Gubernatorial contest, Stephanie “would rather take on Mike Rounds.”

As in Stephanie challenging United States Senator Mike Rounds for that office in 2020.

That wasn’t a possibility anyone had mentioned before. But, it makes sense.  She hasn’t had a terribly high profile for a while. In fact, it’s as if she’s purposefully keeping it on the down low. Which allows her time to maximize her income before she takes a year off to campaign.

South Dakota hasn’t elected a Democrat as Governor for a long, long time. But we’ve put Democrats in Washington, as she well knows.

In considering her opposition, the Republicans running for Governor in 2018 have bigger campaign bank balances at the moment. And she can raise cash for a US Senate run from Liberal DC allies far, far easier than she can for a race for Governor in one of the least populous red states in the nation.

If you’re looking at it from her personal standpoint, running for US Senate in 2020 makes all the sense in the world.

Between Huether’s arrogance and awfulness, and Herseth possibly taking a pass, the outlook for the future just became far bleaker for Democrat hopes for Governor in 2018.

Democrats may find themselves defaulting again to someone like they did to Susan Wismer in the last contest, or Jay Williams for US Senate this year. There’s jut not any good options for them, and they may once again be left in a situation of running someone who was unfortunate enough to draw the short straw.

22 Replies to “About that Governor’s race. Looking bleaker for Dems in 2018.”

  1. Anonymous

    It still galls me that he had to have his mug on those billboards-like seeing the face of “Mayor Mike” will stimulate the city! He is a Dem, and he is too full of himself to get my support, especially when there will be good, conservative (unlike Daugaard) people on the ticket.

    SHS is another to stay away from. She is a Democrat, and she played “blue dog” when it suited her, but if she represents SoDak in DC, she will simply fall in line with the leftwing Democrat party; there is not much moderation in the Democrat party, at least at the federal level, and there are already too many moderate Republicans (Senator Thune). We don’t need to help the Dems gain the Senate (if we can hold this cycle) as their agenda is very clear and detrimental to freedom, morality, and financial health.

    1. enquirer

      she lost to KN because she turned herself into barbara boxer junior for her last term in the house, dropping the younger more conservative look and attitude altogether. her own party members here forced her to do that basically because she drove them so far out of their own comfort zones. sheesh. who can know crazy people?

  2. Anon

    Interesting that you post this around the same time that Ellis posts about Rounds’ lack of fundraising and the fact that potential rivals or replacements are looking for clues about what his plans will be in 2020.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      I thought so as well. I’m guessing it prompted him to get his piece out. I saw the thing on Herseth back on the 25th, and have just been too swamped to write about it.

      Although, I think the part about GOP rivals was silly. Rounds would eat them for lunch. And their little dogs too!

  3. Kelly Lieberg

    Hopefully we’ll see a healthy primary ! Whomever the winner, it will be a Presidential year which will steepen the slope hopes of any Democratic Party candidate.

    1. Anonymous

      Kelly then we need to defeat V so their is a Democrat primary…I could easily see Democrats getting locked out of these major races GOV/SEN/House///V should have stopped at the Legislature

      I’ll vote NO on V to keep the system that lets all sides have a representative in the general

      1. Kelly Lieberg

        I voted NO on ALL of the ridiculousness. The initiative/referendum procedure is nothing more than a liberal/progressive reactionary attempt to form legislation since they’re unable to muster a cohesive thought through representation. Additionally, I’m most interested in a Republican primary.

  4. Anonymous

    No bench for Dems….Heuther and his building are a major blunder….then SHS…i just dont see her running for gov…why the headache of a 100k job for a 600k job now….

    So Billie Sutton, Bernie Hunhuff, not many choices in the legislature either…..

  5. Springer

    Until the Democrats become Democrats again instead of far left liberals/progressives/socialists, whatever they want to call themselves now, they are done in SD and most of the Midwest. They only have themselves to blame.

    1. Kelly Lieberg

      Beware infiltration for the purpose of participation ! It’s happening. Party numbers don’t fall off THAT bad. Our brand is being diluted. Just look at how interparty squabbles have intensified. Is the Republican Party interested in conservative principles or just conservative lip service ?

      1. Anonymous

        The worst infiltration of all or the completion of it would be if V passes….when Dems can pick our nominee we have lost

        NO on V

  6. Anonymous

    Rounds needs an agenda item like the 2010 initiative. Considering all of the ideas those guys use are recycled and not original they will no doubt come out with a carbon copy of this that indicates two terms.

    1. Anon

      Coincidentally 2026 falls at the end of term two.

      Independence Day is a good time to reflect on these issues. On July 4, 2026, just 10 years away, America turns 250 years old. As Americans, we will celebrate a historic time in the greatest country in the world. At the same time, our 250th birthday brings to bear a dangerous situation that we can forecast today.

  7. Anonymous

    Why do you think the Democrats want to change the rules so bad with all these ballot measures they can’t win playing Fair

  8. JIm Bryan

    This year has been quite an eye opener for me. The Rs have complete control of congress and have accomplished ZERO. In fact, they have actually promoted O’s agenda. I would give her a look as a protest vote! On the big votes she normally voted the right way, probably because the D party gave her a pass……

    I am sick of these people who talk a good game do absolutely nothing.

    PS. I will be voting against NeverTrump Thune Tuesday and I hope he loses. He can go back to being a lobbyist AGAIN. He will likely win, but not with my vote!

    1. Anonymous

      Jim: that is why I think there was so much support for Cruz, Trump against GOP establishment…then all these ballot groups are trying to blur the hate for Washington with Democrats inability to win in SD and pass some of these ballot measures base don misdirected anger…which in the long run will be worse for SD as we elect more Democrats who push more social program and higher taxes, like they do in Washington.

      NO on everything

      1. JIm Bryan

        If Thune were to lose, he would have brought it on himself!

        He voted for TARP and I swore that I wouldn’t vote for him again, but I held my nose and did!

        This was the last straw for me.

        If the R congress continues to do literally nothing, then I will not care if they lose the congress. The American people stepped up and said enough is enough and they take that victory so NOTHING…. Pretty sad actually….