About that OTHER US Senate Candidate facing a felony prosecution…

We haven’t heard much about a certain US Senate candidate who faces a felony prosecution for petition issues.

No, not Annette Bosworth. From her we’ve heard far too much.

I’m talking about Clayton Walker:

A former South Dakota U.S. Senate Candidate was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation, as he battles and indictments charging him with nine felonies for election law violations and threatening state employees.

Clayton Walker, who tried to run for U.S. Senate as an independent in the 2014 mid-term election, had successfully fought to keep his third lawyer in the case, Timothy Rensch, when Circuit Judge John Brown ordered the evaluation.

Rensch had filed a motion to withdraw as council Jan. 29. Brown said he “simply can’t just keep appointing attorneys”, for Walker when he denied the motion and ordered Rensch to keep Walker as a client.


Walker’s trial date was not been set, Brown said, because he want to wait for the results of Walker’s evaluation and hold a competency hearing.

Go read it here.

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