Abysmal fundraising numbers? Ummm….. Look at the monkey!

What was Democrat Congressional Candidate Paula Hawks’ response today to posting absolutely abysmal fundraising numbers?

Abysmal fundraising numbers? What abysmal fundraising numbers…….  Ummm….. Look at the monkey!

Coincidental timing of today’s event as Hawks holds a presser in response to a Noem meeting with the Argus Editorial Board last month, where Kristi spoke about her efforts with Indian Health Service (IHS) over the preceding months.

Because while the issue has been important for Noem, it wasn’t important for Hawks last month, and remained unimportant…… until her 4q/Year-end campaign finance report was sent in to the FEC.

Then *SURPRISE*  it’s time to hold a presser and talk about an important topic that wasn’t important enough for Hawks to hold a presser on 2 weeks ago…..

What a difference several days – and a negative report – makes.