Advertising spaces open at SDWC – Contact the webmaster today!

As we have advertising contracts that have about run their course, the SDWC has space available once again to help you put your message in front of our State’s opinion leaders and decision makers. It’s a great way to grab their attention, especially if you want to raise the profile of your issue with them in the run up to this years’ election, or next years’ legislative session.

(If I was running for Governor, Attorney General, Congress, or a host of other offices in 2018, it’s a good way to gather potential volunteers, and to put yourself on the map. But, that’s just me. 🙂  )

Advertising on the website is based on a first come, first serve basis for the available positions.  Advertising slots on the right are 300 px wide up to 300 px tall, and may be either static image, animated .gif, or flash file, as long as the file size is within acceptable file parameters, does not impede the loading of the website, or interfere with existing code.  All ads run through-site, and are not rotated in their positions.

Information on ad prices, ad positions, and required ad commitments may be directed to the webmaster by clicking here.

And if it needs to be mentioned, I’d encourage you to visit our long list of advertisers, and check out their websites, such as United States Senator John Thune, Americans for Prosperity SD Chapter, Congresswoman Kristi NoemVote Yes on S – Marsy’s Lawas well as my own Dakota Campaign Store, one of the State’s largest suppliers of campaign materials.

And while I’m on the subject, for all you newly minted candidates who may be looking for parade materials such as stickers, banners, car magnets, and the like, Dakota Campaign Store is open for business, and available to serve the campaign material needs of Republican and non-partisan campaigns.


Thanks for your patronage!