Americans For Prosperity – South Dakota Announces New State Director Keith Moore

Americans For Prosperity – South Dakota Announces New State Director Keith Moore

SIOUX FALLS, SD – Americans for Prosperity-South Dakota (AFP-SD) today announced Keith Moore as its next state director.

“South Dakota has a lot of good things going for it, but there are some areas where significant policy reform would take our state to the next level: education, economic opportunity, and criminal justice to name a few. Last year’s legislative reforms in health care and education shows that South Dakotans are ready for real solutions to some of our challenges. I look forward to working with South Dakotans from across the state to push transformational policy solutions that will lead us out of this pandemic and to a recovery that makes South Dakota stronger than ever,” Moore said.

Prior to joining Americans for Prosperity, Moore served as the state director of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a position he served in since 2012. Moore has also held positions with the Federal Bureau of Indian Education, the University of South Dakota, and the South Dakota Department of Education.

Moore earned his undergraduate degree from Northern State University and his graduate degree from South Dakota State University. He also holds a specialist degree in educational leadership from Montana State.  Born and raised in South Dakota, Keith now lives in Sioux Falls with his wife and children.

AFP-SD is a grassroots organization that encourages lawmakers to champion policy that promotes economic opportunity for all South Dakotans, expands access to quality health care, reforms our criminal justice system, and improves education for all students.

9 thoughts on “Americans For Prosperity – South Dakota Announces New State Director Keith Moore”

  1. Its a give more tax breaks to the rich kind of guy. Talk about deficit spending Trumps tax breaks look iike child’s play compared to Build Back Better. More ‘publican lies

    1. Yeah, AFP might want to keep someone on hand to double check the books, though I don’t care if their organization burns to the ground.

  2. Congrats to Keith.

    In terms of education, I think computer technology literacy would be good.

    Lots of engineering, less CRT and strange socio-sexual curriculum.

    Tempered glass manufacturing?

    Diet and environment plays a key factor in educational outcomes, though.

    Who has the best idea(s) for what food specifically? Is there an economic opportunity there to grow more year round food in SD?

    Is it more difficult to grow predictable food in SD than on the moon?

    How bad is the hail on the moon?


    Have a super day,


    John Dale
    Spearfish, SD

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