Lora Hubbel runs ad claiming she’s running for Governor.. but isn’t saying how.

From KELO Radio, long-time conspiracy crank Lora Hubbel has apparently gone on the air to tell people she really is running for Governor, despite no one paying any attention to her:

She is airing a spot on KELO Radio saying she is running.

Hubbel did not say if she was seeking the Republican nomination or was running as a third party candidate or as an independent.

Read the entire story here.

And that’s the key.  Any tin-foil hat wearing idiot can say they’re running for Governor, but getting on the ballot is the important part.

I doubt she’ll run as a Republican or Independent, because she’s actually have to go out and work to get signatures. But as part of a third-party bid, they can just anoint her.

Too bad for Lora that there’s only one third party group in the state after her part in the destruction of the state’s Constitution Party, and I’m not sure the Libertarians are so desperate they’d nominate her.

(Or are they?)

Lora has been long known for all sorts of goofball statements, but in my mind, nothing will ever top it when back in 2017, she equated alcohol consumption with demonic possession, and declared that taking pills from your pharmacist was into “sorcery.”

7 thoughts on “Lora Hubbel runs ad claiming she’s running for Governor.. but isn’t saying how.”

  1. You assume she knows HOW…hasn’t she failed to get signatures? failed to get through the Constitution party convention? ie just generally FAILED!

  2. Whatever happened to Dr. Terry LaFleur with the Law degree who was running for SD Governor and was hiring his campaign team years ago? Stealth campaign?

  3. Wow. One would think she would have learned after being beaten so badly so often or when she couldn’t even get enough signatures. I’m trying to figure out what the ultimate goal is here – since it’s obviously not a goal of winning an election. Ego? Self-aggrandizement? Enjoying looking at herself in the mirror, a lot?

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