And another new primary – District 31 House

District 31 GOP House

Johns, Timothy  (R)
Chuck Turbiville  (R)
Michael E. Weyrich (R)

A late filing received today by the SOS has another primary taking place out in Spearfish/Deadwood.  Michael Weyrich of Whitewood has his name thrown in the hat for the GOP House contest.

Weyrich was a candidate back in 2004 for Mayor of Whitewood, SD.

2 Replies to “And another new primary – District 31 House”

  1. Anonymous

    Ya, he’s a real conservative, here is his statement when he ran for mayor: What would you hope to accomplish in your time as mayor? “To try and get grants for the city streets and parks so the people of Whitewood don’t have to come up with as much money to take care of their share of the street project.”