And here Jo goes again – SD Biotech association says they “have no idea” what Loetcher business is, despite biotech claims

From the Argus Leader, it doesn’t look like anyone is believing anything the Loetscher campaign is shoveling lately.

Now, they’re doing a fact-check on whether her poop-scooping business is “bio-science” as she claims:

“If what matters most to you is growth, I’ve built companies, including a biotech company,” Loetscher said during a live televised debate on April 2.


Those comments have turned some heads during her campaign, including those in the South Dakota bio-science industry.

“Usually I have a pulse on the bio-science industry, and I have no idea what her business is,” said Joni Johnson, executive director for the South Dakota Biotech Association, which represents about 60 businesses across the state. “She nor her business are members of South Dakota Biotech.”


That business, called DooGooders, is contracted by property managers and homeowners to keep green spaces free of the fecal matter pets leave behind.

That alone, doesn’t make her a player in the bio-science field. However, answering the question of whether she’s involved in the industry got a little more nuanced after DooGooders began working with another company called Poo Prints, a Tennessee-based company that tests DNA in pet fecal samples for tracking and health purposes.

Read it here.

We touched on the topic last week (with gloves on, of course), and came to the same conclusion. That the claim “is nuanced” is a nice way of putting that the claim is largely a pile of poo.

And here Jo goes again. Just another embellishment from the Loetscher campaign. We’re getting pretty used to them by now.

7 thoughts on “And here Jo goes again – SD Biotech association says they “have no idea” what Loetcher business is, despite biotech claims”

  1. No one is going to defend her? Mike at least tried. Where’s her team? Bet she’s feeling lonely right about now. Too bad she had to go so low.

  2. Joni Peske Johnson? If so, there may be some bias there being involved Lincoln County GOP and SDGOP to come out with a statement like that. Doo Gooders is not GMO seeds nor anything like that but they do offer a service for genetic testing for animal waste to track down the specific animal and owner. Sub contract to a lab to do the testing.

  3. I just watched BREAKING NEWS on KSFY TV, Sioux Falls.
    At approximately 5:20, they teased with a just released SD DCI preliminary report,
    saying no sign of HACKING or anything removed from Jolene Letchers email account. More details at 6:00 pm!!!

    I quick turned to KELO TV, Sioux Falls.
    No mention of the DCI preliminary report.
    Not one word.
    KELO prides itself as the leader in news?
    Did they know about the DCI release and said nothing???
    My guess is they are in the tank for Jolene.

    1. But attempted hacking is a crime too. This investigation is on going and the premature preliminary release on this info was obviously politically motivated.

  4. But what about the fact that a week ago you guys claimed that she was merely a “franchisee” to a biotech company, but now you are claiming she is not biotech at all? If she is a “franchisee” then how can she not be a part of the Biotech industry?

    And what you have with the SD Biotech release is merely the establishment once again giving marching orders in order to prevent Jo from winning….

  5. She’s still claiming to be a biotech company. Maybe she’s unaware of the statement from the association?

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