What’s that smell, Jo? It might be your claim of being a biotech company.

I caught this commercial last night, and I can’t help but call a little bit of BS on a claim that Liberal Democrat candidate for Sioux Falls Mayor Jolene Loetscher makes. Or maybe, it’s more appropriately termed “DS.”

At about 10 seconds in, Loetscher makes the bold claim that she’s “created two successful companies in biotechnology, and communications.” Wait a second… Biotechnology?

Yes, she and her spouse have a marketing firm. But as far as biotechnology goes.. I have to question the claim. Because it doesn’t really seem …accurate.

According to the website for Loetscher’s dog poop cleaning service, her business can provide genetic testing of dog poop to see if someone is letting their dog poop in places, and not picking it up. But according to her own website, they don’t do any actual genetic testing. They send it to a company called pooprints..

….who her company acts as a franchisee for:

Here’s the note on the PooPrints website noting they’re a franchisee:

The PooPrints people actually seem to be the ones who are an actual biotechnology company

Whereas Jolene Loetscher’s company…. well, it looks like they pick up doggy doo, and distribute test kits which get sent into a lab for testing and matching.   It would be like the geneology testing for ancestry.com claiming they’re a biotechnology company. Which is not a claim you hear them making.

They are a distributor of tests that get sent into a biotechnology company and are provided the results.

The only difference is ancestry.com isn’t running for mayor and trying to inflate their resume.

So is Loetscher a businesswoman? Sure. Franchisee? Absolutely.

But running a biotechnology company? I’m going to call that claim a bit of puffery.

Or “puppery,” if you will.

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  1. There is a growing industry in genetic poop testing and would not be surprised that many of them on the internet some being franchises sub contract their work out to a lab. I had this same issue that lasted for a year before finding out it was two neighbors dogs that they opened the door and let them run free in the neighborhood. Rental properties and single family property owners across the country are increasingly using these services.

  2. She’s a liar. When I asked her about pro-life groups not being welcomed to participate in the SF Women’s March, she claimed they were. I mentioned Dave Roetman’s SDWC’s guest column, and the conversation quickly began to stink… like dog poo! Is this the breath of fresh air I keep hearing about?

      1. The best way is to use facts and you provided me with some, thanks. I hope a question is presented about city hall knowingly paying women less than men. When I asked her if she believed women received less pay only b/c they are women, her answer got even better. Not only is she a liar, but terribly misinformed.

  3. We’ll, as a left-winger she’s used to producing B.S. so this goes hand in glove. She is aligned with east and west coast.

  4. I have no idea why she’d feel compelled to inflate what her company does. Having a business and serving a need of its customers is sufficient and doesn’t require puffery.

    I can’t imagine but a few votes (as in single digits) changing because she had a true biotech company vs. a poop scooping business as the difference in the two isn’t a difference that impacts qualification to do the job of mayor.

    Big unforced error.

    1. Troy, I am anonymous 9:31. I look at this from a sales and marketing position and this does not matter whether that person be left or right politically since I have known both who owned businesses to use the same way to promote their establishments. Bio: Animal waste Tech: Genetic testing They are using today’s technology and costs have come down to make it affordable to provide this service. It is annoying and costs can add up killing a lawn plus animal waste is a concern in water runoff with harmful bacteria infecting our lakes and streams due to irresponsible pet owners. If it is chronic problem there are affordable services that can help deal with the issue.

        1. On a scale of 1 to 10 on the BS meter go over the pot medical claims. Theirs is beyond 10 and the meter is broken. Biotech poop service is 2 or 3. It is everyday marketing. Look at politicians. The really stretch it big time.

  5. So you are saying that the once successful local owners of BK and McDonalds in the Sioux Falls area were not successful businessman, rather they were just franchisees?

    1. Nobody is saying that. However if a BK or McDonald owner described himself as the owner of a fine dining culinary boutique restaurant, we’d call BS.

      1. But she is a part of a “fine” biotech company, is she not? Her business in relative terms is closer to the”fine,” than BK and McDonalds….

        (What? McDonalds is not “a fine culinary boutique restaurant? But our current president loves two Big Macs and two Filet-O-Fish and he has a lot of class….. (JK))

  6. We got unimpressed with the “8” jobs statement right off in her first clip! Really?

    1. She’s a Democrat, so you just suppose she was on welfare, huh?…… Nope

        1. That’s a good one….. But I think most of the comments around here are getting a little too steep….

  7. Jolene’s exaggerations are a clear indication of her character and integrity, or in her case, a lack of… it’s hard to tell what’s the truth and what’s a lie because she continually is untruthful. She belongs in congress representing San Fransisco, not the Sioux Falls mayor’s office.

    1. It’s refreshing to hear other women are able to see today’s feminists for what they really are.

    2. It is hard to compete with the crazy uncle in the White House who some see as their moral leader. He has Pinocchio beat.

      1. It’s easy to be a “moral leader” as long as one is given some more “Mulligans.”

  8. Her competition doesn’t have a plan to come up with a plan for anything. His 100 day plan is a plan for planning the first 3 months of his planned victory. In this entire campaign he hasn’t already met with the police, local school leaders, community leaders and more? You don’t need to be elected to network and do the hard work, some people just hire staffers to do it after they win. Case and point his plan to plan on planning that just increases funding for the police and includes the words “drugs and violence”.

    I’ll take the biotech stretch about poop versus plans and plans to plan on planning.

    1. Keep telling yourself it’s a non partisan race; you don’t need Jo to tell you lies, you do it to yourself. Does Jo have a plan for the “diversity expert” she’s going to hire? Are businesses going to have to close their doors for a day and have diversity training? SF is so racist it must be dealt with before it gets out of hand. I do know one of her plans is to take away the door of the mayor’s office, that will surely solve the transparency issues.

  9. My only question is: what does she do with the poo she picks up?

    All the dog and cat poo I collect at our house is composted. I dump Rid-X on it to speed it up.
    I am just wondering what she does with what she collects. That’s the biotechnology part.

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