And in case you wanted to read the latest Annette Bosworth Lawsuit…

In case you were interested in reading the latest Annette Bosworth Lawsuit…

Bosworth Legal Fund Complaint by Pat Powers on Scribd

This guy got $4000 a month out of the legal defense fund for his work?

Good gosh…  This brings up some important questions.

  1. How much money is that legal fund taking in?
  2. How are they paying taxes on it?  I can’t imagine you can collect that kind of money without the Government wanting a cut of it in some manner.
  3. Do you have to get in trouble with the law to have a legal defense fund?

Can’t you just start a “Mildly obnoxious fund” and get rubes donors to write you checks for money without any basis for merit. (Not to be confused with the blog tip jar on the left hand side of the page).

Anyway, now you have the lawsuit. Judge for yourself!

2 thoughts on “And in case you wanted to read the latest Annette Bosworth Lawsuit…”

  1. What is most disturbing about Boz and Haber is how they use religion to con people out of their money. I am completely disgusted with them and am surprised they are not in jail. There fled Utah to avoid prosecution for a real estate scam and then continued to con people in SD. How in the world did they avoid prosecution for their fake raffle scam where they claimed to be raising money for veterans and then never held the raffle (because “they lost the tickets”)

  2. What I don’t understand is if she’s claiming she doesn’t get any money from using her medical license now while it’s pending and he doesn’t work how do they survive?

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