And who will lead the GOP into the next decade? The Stanley County GOP claims to know.

WhoWho 3I was cleaning the junk and pile of papers off of my desk so I had space for my keyboard once again, and I came across something I picked up at the GOP State Convention a few months back. A booklet produced by the Stanley County GOP entitled “Who’s Who of South Dakota Republican Leaders for the Next Decade.”

If you aren’t familiar with it, it was a booklet put out in 2015 by the Stanley County GOP. At the time it came out last year, I did have a couple of people snarkily refer to it as “Tad Perry’s project to raise money for running for State Senate again.”  I hadn’t read it myself, so I couldn’t really comment, and besides, Jeff Monroe does a good job of trouncing all comers.

Anyway, they had a few copies out on a side table at the convention in Watertown, so I grabbed one.

WhoWhobackOn it’s back cover, the twenty page booklet bills itself by noting  “Who’s Who of South Dakota Republicans (sic) Leaders for the Next Decade is a source for identifying existing public officials and new individuals who are recognized as having the capacity to provide leadership at the state level for the decade ahead. These individuals have been nominated by others as that kind of leader. Included are those who currently hold leadership roles and are expected to continue their service into the next decade as well as individuals believed to have promise for public policy leadership.

Who did they pick?


State Auditor Steve Barnett, School and Lands Commissioner Ryan Brunner, State Representative Justin Cronin, State Representative Mary Duvall, Pierre Mayor & State bureau chief Laurie Gill, GOP activist & former ED Jason Glodt, Attorney General Marty Jackley, Former State Rep. David Lust, Lt. Gov. Matt Michels, State Rep. Mark Mickelson, State Rep. Scott Munsterman, Perkins County States Attorney Shane Penfield, State Senator Deb Peters, Jason Ravnsborg, political scion & grandson of Clint Roberts, Hunter Roberts, US Senator John Thune, State Senator Larry Tidemann, and Chief of Staff Tony Venhuizen all found their way into the booklet.

Say what you will, you do have to admit that a few on the list are moving up in the world.

Justin Cronin is running for the State Senate.  Jason Glodt is currently running the Marsy’s Law campaign, and will be running Marty Jackley’s gubernatorial effort. Of course, Marty himself is in the hunt for the big chair of State Government, as is Mark Mickelson.

Deb Peters was just named President Elect of the National Council of State Legislatures. Jason Ravnsborg’s name comes up when the next Attorney General’s race is discussed, and has been an indefatigable supporter of the elephant.  John Thune is set to continue to be the SDGOP’s rockstar for years to come. And there are rumors afoot that Tony V. might be involved in one of the races for Governor in 2018.

Obviously, there’s a lot of people left off the list. And a couple I can’t help but wonder what “state leadership” roles they would provide, and how?  Readers, here’s your chance to edit the list. Who would you add to the list or who might you redact from the list and why?

The floor is yours.

11 Replies to “And who will lead the GOP into the next decade? The Stanley County GOP claims to know.”

  1. Anonymous

    I commend the statewide office holders who were willing to support the Local Party with cash contributions. Great leadership!

  2. Anonymous

    Some names confuse me for leadership over the next 10 years, some make sense….all good carriers of water for the elephant.

    PEP TALK —-Only a couple months left in this election….we all need to get out and support our candidates and Vote against a lot of these terrible ballot measures. In my opinion T, V, 22, 23 are just awful….SOLID NOs.

    1. Anonymous

      Agreed. They are not electable. Seward crushes ravensborg. Gosch crushes Seward. McGuigan crushes all three.

  3. Ed Randazzo

    Either a contribution was indeed required to be included on the list, or there are at least two glaring omissions.

    Our current Congresswoman Kristi Noem certainly should have been prominently listed, either for her continued representation in the House for years to come or for other offices she will seek in the next decade.

    Our most excellent current Secretary of State Shantel Krebs was similarly omitted. With both legislative and executive expertise and widespread popularity, Shantel deserved prominent mention as well.