Announcing South Dakota Political News, new sister website to with article on threat of COVID legislation on businesses

I’ve had a concept banging around in my head for a long time about something slightly different, in a more magazine style and longer form articles than many of the posts at Dakota War College tend to be. It’s not that I’m abandoning things, as much as creating a slightly different sandbox. There will be a lot of cross-pollination, as articles will appear in both places, but sometimes I just want to try things in a different format.

And with that, I’m “officially” kicking off the South Dakota Political News, with an article on the battle over threatened COVID vaccination legislation:

The business community also has the support of one of the State’s most powerful political figures, Governor Kristi Noem. After the legislators began demanding a special session, the Governor launched a fusillade of criticism via social and traditional media against those who sought to bring a solution to what they saw as a problem that needed immediate government intervention, terming the proposals as “not conservative.”

As reported by South Dakota Public Broadcasting, Governor Noem noted in some of the sharpest criticism to date during her time as Governor that “It is not conservative to tell businesses what to do and how to treat their employees. Most of the Republican legislators get that in South Dakota—they get that. But, there are the vocal few, like Jon Hansen and Scott Odenbach, who are chasing headlines and are trying to tell South Dakotans how to do business. They want to make government bigger and more powerful in your life. It’s like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Businesses have been cool to the proposals as well, according to South Dakota Retailers Association Director Nathan Sanderson.  According to Sanderson, “The South Dakota Retailers Association has long supported the right of business owners to determine the practices and policies best-suited for their own business and employees. The vast majority of South Dakota businesses are not mandating vaccinations for their employees, or even considering doing so, but a business owner should have the right to make the decision based on their own circumstances.”

Read the entire article here.

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