Anyone watch the debate last night?

I was working and then on the road for part of it, although I did catch a portion of it.

What did I miss? And who do you think won?

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  1. Anonymous


    I come here to see what you think. I like your opinion. You do a great job. I’m lost now.

    Travel safe.

  2. Troy Jones

    Depends on how you define won.

    1) On the whole, Clinton set more of the tone and controlled the debate more. Under this definition, she won.

    2) With regard to building up their base, Clinton did this better. For instance, her answer on crime was geared to satisfying the progressive and BLM groups.

    3) With regard to who moved those who are truly on the fence, Trump did this better. First, see the answers on crime/terrorism. Second, in an election year in which roughly 50% of Democrats, most Independents, and roughly 50% of Republicans desire a change agent, Hillary’s emphasis on her experience (and Trump’s dismissal of it) didn’t speak to these large segments of the voting public.

    I think #3 is most significant and thus Trump won.

    1. Anne Beal

      Machado, as it turned out, didn’t just violate the weight clause in her contract by gaining 42 pounds while Miss Universe, she was an accessory to attempted murder and threatened to kill the judge in the court proceedings.
      Her Wikipedia entry is really quite interesting.
      Nobody witnessed Trump calling her anything but fat.

    1. Anonymous

      Hillary represents the destruction of America and freedom; which is worse? I guess if you live on others, can’t take care of yourself, and don’t want to take responsibility for your own life, you like Hillary.

  3. Anonymous

    HRC has already won the Presidency Sack the bats.
    -In the 12 elections since 1968, the candidate leading in polling after the second convention has won the popular vote 11 times, and the only exception led by less than a point (McCain in 2008).
    -The candidate leading 3 weeks after the second convention has NEVER lost the popular vote.
    -No candidate has EVER won if they trailed after their convention. EVER.
    -10 of 11 candidates who led by more than 5 after their convention won (Dukakis in ’88 is the only exception.

    1. Troy Jones

      Well, then I assume HRC will stop raising money, buying ads, debating and campaigning. No point in spending money that is not necessary.

      Oh yeah, I forgot. That is the one thing Democrats do well.

  4. Anne Beal

    I thought the debate questions were really lame.
    Tax returns? Really? Every election the press makes a big deal about tax returns but it seems the public doesn’t care.
    Then who cares if Trump supported the Iraq war or not? Hillary is the one who voted for it.
    And who cares about the birther issue? This is old stuff. I think undecided voters are more interested in their own lives, their own tax returns, and what candidates will do for them.
    As for Trump’s treatment of a beauty queen, I recall a certain Miss Arkansas who said Bill Clinton raped her, and then abruptly changed her story to say it was consensual, that Bill was very sexy, and she apologized to Hillary. So it was all the victim’s fault after all.

  5. Springer

    Some questions for the next debate:
    1. What is your plan for bringing back jobs to the US? How many jobs have you created and how did you do it? And to Clinton – what about the promise during your senate run to bring jobs back to NY state, which never materialized.
    2. What is your plan regarding illegal immigrants now here, about the southern border, about sanctuary cities, about benefits for illegals?
    3. What is your plan to destroy ISIS?
    4. What would you do to heal the racial unrest in this country? And to Clinton – what about your calling at least 1/4 of the American voters deplorables; is this how you truly feel about what could be 1/4 of your constituency if elected?
    5. What is your plan to make us energy dependent? What do you plan to do about using our own natural resources? Drilling? Fracking? And the jobs they would create? And don’t let the answer deviate into renewables – what do you plan to do with our own natural resources/wealth?
    6. What do you plan to do about federal taxes, estate taxes? What do you consider a fair share? What about those who pay nothing – what is their skin in the game?
    7. Do you believe in globalism or nationalism? Do you believe we have an exceptional country that we need to be proud of?
    8. How will you address the declining morale in the US military? Will you continue the downsizing of the military and firing/forced retiring of military leadership?
    9. What is your litmus test for appointments to the Supreme Court? Have you made a list of potential appointees available to voters?
    10. To Hillary – why do you believe the progressive and global agenda? To Trump – why do you believe in the nationalist and more conservative agenda?

    I’m sure you readers here can come up with many more. These are what are important to we voters. Most of the stuff in the first debate were just gotcha questions that will not affect the future of our country.