Apparently, D3 House Dem Candidate Nikki Bootz finds that Math is hard. Candidate takes money in, but doesn’t report it.

I’ve had multiple reports from Aberdeen starting yesterday over Nikki Bootz, Democrat House Legislative Candidate for District 3, regarding her campaign finance report.

If you recall, Bootz is the candidate who earlier found her theater class for Northern State University a little too challenging, and expressed her dislike of the institution in a rather profane manner (pardon the language, it’s her’s not mine.):


Now it looks like Bootz should have paid more attention in Math Class as well.

img_3146 img_3147

According to the Campaign Finance Disclosure Statement for The Brown County Democrats, they handed Bootz a check for $500.  But if you look at her campaign finance report….

img953145 img953144

In fact, if you look at her complete Campaign Finance Report, according to Bootz, she raised nothing, and spent nothing.

Bootz Sdcfdisclosure by Pat Powers on Scribd

So, if that’s the case, who paid for her $25.00 T-Shirts back in July?screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-10-03-10-amAnd what about her “ActBlue” Donation(s)?screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-10-04-13-am


If I’m reading it correctly, there appears to be at least $600 in donations that are missing from the report as in addition to any expenditures. Doesn’t she have ads or yard signs?

Given her track record, I have a suspicion that Bootz’s next tweet might be #F_CampaignFinanceReporting!

3 Replies to “Apparently, D3 House Dem Candidate Nikki Bootz finds that Math is hard. Candidate takes money in, but doesn’t report it.”

  1. Anonymous

    This is why there should be some sort of an auditing mechanism for the Secretary of State or the board of elections. Someone should be able to hold these candidates accountable when they are reporting nothing over $100 dollars.

    1. Charlie Hoffman

      Anon should we include in the SOS’s arsenal of discovery a limited legal tag to report to an officer of the court checks and deposits when discrepancies appear? Personally I believe the Legislature could grant that supervisory position quite easily with one well written statute.

  2. Spencer

    The sad thing is that the new campaign finance reporting system the SOS now has makes reporting and keeping track of these finances very easy compared to what it was. I think you are likely overlooking the obvious here. She is likely pocketing the money. She probably fed Cory’s $500 into a slot machine somewhere. So, she verifiably took in over $3,000 from other candidates plus everything else she has managed to scrape off of people; yet, she has no verifiable expenses. There should be a lot of concerned Democrats asking where their money went.