Borglum announcement nearly 25 years to the day of article noting US Senate among her political aspirations

An article from her younger days sheds a lot of light on State Representative Scyller Borglum’s expressed interest in running for US Senate.

Because today is the 25th Anniversary of an article in the Great Falls Tribune (Great Plains, MT) when as a High School Student, Borglum declared her aspirations were ultimately to be Governor of Montana, a United States Senator, and an Ambassador:

From the dead tree edition of the Great Falls Tribune, 25 years ago today (July 3, 1994):

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  1. Quick crybabies, tell us how somehow this is bad ! So a young lady with SD heritage, a couple masters degrees and PHD in engineering somehow isn’t smart enough to represent us? Voters are looking for change and fresh ideas, not the same old same old. And if she is such a poor choice why is Mike so worried???

    1. She should be running in Montana. She has only lived in SD 4 years. Two months ago she said she wasn’t running for US Senate and wasn’t even thinking about it- and then screamed intimidation when Dusty asked her if she was running. Then all of the sudden she is running. She has been dreaming about this most of her life… this isn’t something she just decided to do and she wasn’t recruited to run.

      1. I believe her family is from and continues to live in SD. Another, is there a time constraint? Is 5 years OK? 4th generation? She is willing to run and take on a corrupt political establishment, so all the best to her in my opinion. Additionally, she has lived in MT and SD, which don’t exactly have competing values.

        1. No kidding Veritas…

          I am for Rounds but your same rhetoric is turning me off.

          Dusty didn’t just ask her if she was running he said the oney would be shut off she would be isolated, stuff like that…how is that not intimidating….I am getting sick of this we are entitled and how dare you run…maybe lets hear from BOTH candidates on what their ideas are for the next 6 years

          I think it is great that people move to our state and want to be involved, we need MORE of that not less.

          1. Dusty didn’t say that. She’s lying about that, just like she lied about other things (“wasn’t even considering” a run against Mike).

            Don’t believe her.

            1. The Rounds campaign claims Scyller is challenging him “from the left” and suggests she’s a Democrat posing as a Republican in a national scheme to steal Republican U.S. Senate seats by infiltrating, disrupting, and manipulating red-state GOP primaries.

              Let’s talk about lying.

              1. How is this a lie? Rounds is with Trump more than 90 percent of the time. He has the endorsement of the Tea Part Express. Borglum keeps talking about the middle. How is she not coming from the left?

                1. I could list several ways she’s not coming from the left, but you haven’t given me a reason to bother. Talking about the middle and challenging Rounds from the left aren’t even close to the same thing.

            2. Am I the only one that thinks its wierd that dusty is getting a free pass when he voted against the wall?

              1. No he voted against surpassing the Constitution. Dusty made the right call. He supports the wall, but he supports the constitution more and that’s what matters.

                1. Tapio or Krebs 1 on 1 with Dusty with his wall votes against the President would be an interesting race

                  1. That vote is your litmus test? I could see if he caved during the Gov. shutdown over wall funds, but he didn’t. That kind’ve tells me his principle was over ceding appropriation powers from congress to the executive.

                    I think there is a whole lot more to being an effective Rep than that border wall emergency vote.

      1. Tara, am I apart of the “good old boy’s club”? I accepted an appointment and served.

          1. You can’t because you didn’t know the process I put into every vote

  2. The more I learn about Representative Borglum, the more she reminds me of Reese Witherspoon’s character in “Election.” Ambition isn’t a bad quality, but it seems to be a sign of megalomania to run for the US Senate after being a one-term state legislator and only having lived in state for a handful of years.

    1. But, I will add this, anyone with a PhD from School of Mines idnt a dummy. She shouldn’t be underestimated.

  3. That’s kind of cool. Most people don’t get to ever attempt what they wanted to be in high school.

    “Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard at it.”

  4. nothing but admiration for a 17 year old who decides what she wants to do with her life and proceeds to work toward that goal. She is an awesome person and would make a terrific person in the Senate.

    1. Except it’s not about her goals, it’s about the goals of SD and she doesn’t pursue our goals. I’d rather vote for the person who wants to fulfill the goals of our state than goals for themselves, no matter how long they’ve had them. I don’t want the person who is running for office because they’ve wanted to since they were 17. I want to vote for the person who is running for office because their state needs them to. We don’t need Scyller.

      1. and we need Rounds to run? really?

        what legislation has he sponsored and passed?

        Seems like the Dept of ed is still here

    2. Her parents have every right to be very proud of the person they raised. Win, lose or run off, Scyller has the qualities that every successful caring person possesses.

  5. I am proud of State Representative Borglum for stepping up to challenge the status quo. She is smart, strong, capable, and has a genuine heart for people and service.

  6. I don’t care how smart she is or how long she has dreamed of a political career. All that matters is her political philosophy. Her two votes described earlier do not indicate a conservative bent.

    1. Shall I pick 2 votes from Mike Rounds record, I bet I can find 2 you do not like….if that is all the standard is

      1. Pretty sure 2 votes makes up an actual percentage of her total votes so kind of a tough comparison when comparing to someone as seasoned as Rounds.

          1. Judging by the post above it appears Scyller is no better. Politicians in SD aren’t supposed to be groomed and determined for the job. They should be sought out by their community. People would be surprised how easy it is to get elected with some determination and an ‘R’ next to your name, but when it comes to guys like Rounds, they continue to serve because we ask them to; we want them to.

  7. Congrats to State Representative Borglum for her willingness to challenge the insiders! The Senate was never meant to be a welfare program for career politicians and she represents a new generation and intelligence that is badly needed to make the federal government work for the people.

  8. 3 cheers to the research staff of finding this already I am sure opposition research is at full bore at the campaign for rounds.

  9. So she lied when she said she wasn’t even considering a run for the senate.
    There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious. There’s a lot wrong with being dishonest.

      1. I’m not OP but it was a misquote of her hitpiece on Dusty Johnson when she said something like “Oaaw ma-gaw liekk, I’m naw even like, like, I haven’t even announced anything or anything ya knowww, so it’s like, oh ma-gaw I’m like not even thinking about that right now, like, I can’t even…”

        Pretty sure is how it went.

      2. The Argus Leader quoted her in an article May 2: “I haven’t confirmed or announced any run for higher office. I’m not even thinking that far in advance.”

        I guess she can get some wiggle room out of the word “thinking,” because nobody thinks this is a good idea, so she’s not thinking. In her announcement speech she didn’t talk about thinking, she talked about common sense, which is the collective unconscious, the opposite of thinking.

        1. So she said she wasn’t thinking about her campaign announcement during an interview more than two months ago. That isn’t even close to saying she’d “never thought of running for higher office.”

          1. She said “I haven’t even announced a run for higher office… I’m not even thinking about that right now.”
            Which implies she wasn’t thinking about running for higher office and by extension, an announcement for said run. Even vise versa, she still lied. More of an error on her part for her verbiage but still a lie nonetheless. It’s ALL she has been thinking about.

  10. Great find. I guess the only democrats infiltrating the South Dakota GOP are:

    The unnamed person who went to Daschle’s camp.
    Larry Rhoden
    Mr. Fix It
    Dan Lederman
    And on and on and on!

    Guess Skyller isn’t as much a fake as most of the SD GOP leadership. No wonder the RINO establishment is so excited about attacking her.

  11. She seems a good mom & I don’t care if she switched parties. That’s all fine. But she sounds like an annoying high school debater. Needs polish before she’s ready for the bright lights. I don’t want to be mean, but neighbors call her “Skyler BORING.”

    1. Scyller isn’t a mom. The kids in the video were cute! Not sure whose kids they are, though. Maybe Scyller’s neighbors’ kids? Or Scyller’s nieces? In any case, they aren’t hers. She’s a newlywed. Maybe they’ll have kids some day…? I don’t know if they’re even thinking about kids. In any case, Scyller said she doesn’t have kids as of now.

      1. Right. While those are lovely, wonderful kids, Scyller has not yet decided to have/ raise her own. Children are the greatest joy in my life, but God does not bless every couple with babies, and her situation should *not* disqualify her from from political office. No reason a single person or childless person cannot serve.

        I don’t care too much about her private life, I care about her political life. I do harbor doubts that she’s a true South Dakota conservative (pro gun, pro life, pro Trump, traditional values). I await confirmation. As others here noted, ambitious politicians on the rise tend to say whatever the audience wants to hear. For example, we’re AGAINST creepy biological males — physically mature teenagers or adult men — sharing a changing/ restroom room with her precious little nieces. Too risky. Can’t accept that. Does Scyller agree? Basically, I’m not worried she’s “Scyller Boring.” I worry she’s “Scyller Blue.”

      2. Judging from the past the best way to know when she’s pregnant is if you ask her if she plans to have kids and she says “I’m not even thinking about that right now.”

  12. This sickens me! SD politics isn’t about raising people to rule for us, it’s about selecting the most moral, hardworking, and efficient candidate. She clearly doesn’t care about SD or representing SD politics. She only cares about playing Congresswoman in DC and wants to use our state to get there. Vote for Mike! He got where he is by being a true South Dakotan and representing our interests. Scyller merely represents her own.

  13. An accomplished debater who has multiple degrees and a doctorate who won office as a state rep and is now running for US Senate.

    Compare that to Cory Heidelberger who peaked when he was a high school debater, turned Democrat, can’t win any elections, and makes crude comments about women. When is he getting into the race?

  14. Borglum. This is sad, like, really sad. My 2nd grader has double the life years in SD.

    To all, enjoy your freedom. Happy Independence!

    1. funny we have many great leaders from out of state…tell me when you want me to start listing them …pssst a majority of the governors of our state were born out of state…so was Francis Case…so when you drive across the river near Chamberlain think about Lake Francis Case

      Clearly the people of Rapid City didn’t care and elected her

  15. What is amazing to me is how many comments have to do with the length of time in S.D. Scyller has family roots all over the state with parents who grew up in the S.D. and family in public service and ranches in the state. Rounds has made a career and significant wealth from being a politician since 1990 and has done nothing for S.D. the past six years. I think the focus should be on the potential to solve S.D. problems and not on continuing with a person that only has political experience on his resume.

  16. I find it truly amazing that some people have nothing to do but whine and complain and nit pick and look for the negative in others rather than the positive. Those people clearly have a sad life. What we South Dakotans need is someone like Scyller who is willing to try to fix what’s broken. Just look at the mess that (mostly) career politicians have made of things in this country and by wanting to keep the status quo. Every single problem that this nation has can be traced back to Congress. Decade after decade after decade of politicians who look out for themselves first and get rich doing so. Tell me, how is it that we have had so many politicians retire with millions in the bank when they draw a salary in the low 6-digits? The swamp needs to be drained. New and energetic replacements like Scyller need to be elected to get our government back to doing what it’s supposed to be doing — and we need Federal term limits. Scyller, don’t listen to all of the nay-sayers. They hide behind their computers and phones and will never be happy unless they’re running some else down. You have my vote and my family’s votes and we’re all contributing the max to your campaign. Your competition is afraid of you — and they should be!!

    1. Clearly keeping the status quo isn’t working. We need change and Scyller is just the person to do it! Oh, and by the way, I’ve talked to Scyller’s neighbors and they love her. What was said above is an outright lie.

    2. Billy,

      The problem is her votes. It’s pretty simple.
      She does not represent Conservative South Dakotan’s.

      1. and Rounds does? What are his accomplishments as a Senator?

        Problem is NEITHER of them is actually a conservative

  17. (1) Her voting record stinks.
    (2) She begged for mic time at Lincoln Day Dinners, then used that opportunity to pitch a bi-partisan, sexist PAC, so she could give money to Democrats.
    (3)She lied about not even thinking about running for higher office.
    (4) She made up a crazy story about Dusty Johnson and played the victim.
    (5) she launched a primary challenge against a very popular incumbent, implying he “squeaked” into office in spite of a history of corruption.

    She’s a liberal, a sexist, a liar, and a victim. And she plays dirty.

    1. Yea, all that’s right 8:11. Add to your list she’s inexpereinced. After her first year in the legislature she has just found the location of the light swithes and restrooms. She has yet to figure out how to be a good legislator. She impresses me as your typical no-nothing just-learning-the-ropes freshman legislator. Nothing she did during her firs term stands outs.

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