Committee on Discipline and Expulsion forms on argument between Rep. Dave Johnson and Rep. Lynne DiSanto

From Twitter:

I’ve heard over the past couple of days that an argument on the House Floor during session a couple of days ago between Reps Lynne DiSanto and Dave Johnson continued after session, and may have gotten a bit heated. So much so that we’re seeing comments like this:

There are not a lot of details I’m aware of just yet. As soon as the full audio of the day is archived, I’ll have more on this.

Update – from the Argus Leader:

South Dakota lawmakers on Friday called for an investigation into Rep. David Johnson, following allegations that the Rapid City Republican verbally assaulted another legislator on the House floor.

The House of Representatives voted 45-13 to establish the Select Committee on Discipline and Expulsion, which will investigate allegations that Johnson displayed inappropriate behavior toward Rep. Lynne DiSanto, R-Rapid City, Wednesday evening.

Read that here.

Update from the Associated Press/Rapid City Journal:

The South Dakota House will investigate a first-term Republican representative for conduct the lawmaker described as “unfair statements” to a colleague.

Read it here.

28 Replies to “Committee on Discipline and Expulsion forms on argument between Rep. Dave Johnson and Rep. Lynne DiSanto”

      1. Anne Beal

        Oh the stick figure window decal thing?
        You can get them on eBay. You can get them with zombies, Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, trucks, Ninjas and Dinosaurs pursuing, eating, & running over stick figure families.

        They are very offensive to the white vinyl decal minority. Apparently they represent a large voting block.

  1. Anonymous

    Why is Mercer playing a game of “I know something you don’t know”? Either report on the story or don’t. Stop playing coy.

  2. grudznick

    Mr. Mercer is not a reporter. He is an editorialist.
    Ms. DiSanto is not a victim. She is a self-promoter.
    Mr. Johnson is not a predator. He is a swell fellow.

    Kick out Mr. J, then for sure Ms. DiS must be booted for her racist views alone.

  3. Anon

    Like the link with the ad for Dick and Jane’s Naughty Spot. Some how it’s all very appropriate.
    Put the naughty ones in time out and move on

  4. Anonymous

    I do have friends in the Rapid City area who don’t have much good to say about Johnson. They wonder how he could ever have gotten elected. I met him at State Convention, and he gave me the creeps.

    1. Anonymous

      Johnson is a decent person, but DiSanto has been at him for months and seeks out drama. Remember “all lives splatter?”

      Neither one is innocent in this. DiSanto’s allies are playing this up in the press.

  5. Anonymous

    So kick him out of the caucus ….isn’t that what happen to Stace Nelson when he threatened Nick Moser on the floor?

    1. Anonymous

      Same role he played a week ago when he gave a speech on the House floor honoring the Kyle policeman that was “murdered in the line of duty”.
      He is a ready, fire, aim, type of guy.

  6. Anonymous

    Where was this committee when Bill Janklow was around? What does “verbal assault” mean? Did it rise to the level of a threat? This is just another ridiculous ‘Dan Sutton’ type of controversy that is going to tear apart the legislature when they have work to do. This should be a civil matter not a political one.

      1. MC

        Yes I seen what happened, I was in the lobby at the time. However, there are other facts that may have lead up the incident in question.

  7. "Very Stable Genius"

    “Where was this committee when Bill Janklow was around?”……..

    Hahahahahaha……. So true, so true………..

  8. Troy Jones


    MC may know the facts but it doesn’t mean he is at liberty to share them at this time or in this forum.

    I think MC is saying we should wait until the facts become public in due course and rushing to judgment is not appropriate. I’ll take his advice.

  9. grudznick

    Where does Mr. Clark sit in relation to where this fracas went down? Will Mr. Nelson take it upon himself to be judge, jury, and vigilante? I expect he will.


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