Dear occupant…. please give me $1000. Hawks continues the awfulness.

Check out Democrat Congressional Hopeful Paula Hawks, and her latest example of awful campaign practices, and what NOT to do:



What I’m seeing is her strongest fundraising card, and she’s playing it up front for one reason or another. Potentially, because she can’t raise any money, she’s stuck on first gear, and not gaining any traction.

(I’m not seeing a disclaimer, but I’m sure it’s somewhere in the mailing that I don’t have. Maybe.)

But here comes the cock-up. For Democrats, Herseth-Sandlin represents the biggest gun that Democrats have in running for the office of Congress.  She’s one of two or three a-list alumni they have, and it’s a pretty big deal for her to lend some of her thunder to a c-list (at best) candidate like Hawks.

And Hawks completely blows it by addressing the letter to “Dear Friend.”  “Dear Friend” for a big gun fundraising letter? Really? Addressing a larger dollar fundraising letter in such an impersonal manner is just verboten.

It doesn’t take that much extra time to personalize the darn letters. You can pay a mailhouse to do it, or you can print them yourselves. It’s not that tough. Just print the letters and envelopes in the same order, and tell the volunteers to pay attention.

Failing to do it is evidence of either incompetence, or just plain laziness.

I can tell you that without fail, almost every fundraising letter I’ve gotten from any GOP candidate is personalized – and often remarked with a personal note. It shows that the author cares and values my donation.

But this letter from Hawks?

For all the importance she’s placing on the the recipients? She might have just addressed it to “OCCUPANT.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Here is a fun game: count the mistakes in grammar, sentence structure, proper pronoun usage, and punctuation in Stephanie Herseth Sandlin’s letter and try to guess whether or not they will outnumber the votes that Paula Hawks will receive.

    As a former teacher, Hawks should have done a better job of proofreading the letter. Then again, she probably never corrected the same mistakes in her students’ work. Liberals do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings with red ink. Besides, it takes time to do all of that work.

    1. Springer

      Well, I don’t claim to be an English professor or anything, but I always preferred grammar to literature, so….I read the letter twice and didn’t find all the mistakes you claim were there. Why don’t you in your expertise point them out to the rest of us?

  2. Troy Jones

    Not one specific. Only bromides (stand up to special interests has become ubiquitous). It doesn’t come across as SHS really knowing PH.


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