Dem challenger noted in Argus

From the Argus, Dems are talking about the Dem challenger. Sort of.

While the name won’t be unveiled until Friday when the announcement is made at the Democratic Forum, Ewald said the candidate is a man with experience in both the private and public sectors “with a compelling vision and offers a stronger voice in South Dakota.”

Read that here.

SDWC readers know we’ve been talking about “if no one else will do it” dem candidate and Yankton Dem chair Jay Williams, who it is reported that Dem Chair Ann Tornberg is hauling petitions around for.

So, what kind of “compelling vision” do you think we can expect Mr Williams will be talking about in his campaign?

Probably something like Jay Williams in front of a power point presentation trying to convince an audience how “TAX is not a dirty word,” or something. 

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    1. Anonymous

      Bogota? Any clues or links?

      Sounds like Craigslist would offer them a chance at better candidates. For competitions sake they are below bottom of the barrel. It will be like Augie’s Mens basketball team playing a YMCA 3rd grade boys team.


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