Deputy AG McGuigan informs State’s Atty’s of his intention to run for AG

Hot off the press, apparently this letter went out to State’s Attorneys across South Dakota, where Deputy Attorney General Charlie McGuigan announced that he’s in the hunt for AG:

26 thoughts on “Deputy AG McGuigan informs State’s Atty’s of his intention to run for AG”

  1. Do delegates know who he is? Does anyone outside of Pierre or an State’s Attorney’s office?

    1. Yes, I’ve known him for years. He was chief deputy under Larry Long and then under Marty Jackley. He knows the workings of the office and the prosecution of the criminal.

  2. He will be a good candidate and i think it’s primarily because he is not a political hack. It’s very important we have someone in the office who answers to the connotation and not politics.

  3. No, but assuming Marty publicly backs him, that will go along way to getting him support and donations.

  4. Two things:

    1). Who?
    2). He does know that the State’s Attorneys are not the same thing as delegates, right? Seems an odd way to announce your candidacy.

    1. He should have told delegates first, I’ll hold this against him. Bad way to start his campaign!

      1. Nothing is stopping the states attorneys from being a delegate. My guess is that a responsible delegate will seek the opinion of their local states attorney in this race. Doesn’t mean delegates are rubber stamps but it’s good to know what your local trusted states attorney thinks. One might also ask other branches of law enforcement.

  5. Marty had the backing of all the State’s Attorneys, so this seems like a good first step. Also, they know Charlie and you need to begin fundraising somewhere, might as well be with people you know and are likely to support you. Plus, Charlie is a great guy, and to me the most suited to run the AG’s office.

  6. Seems like a smart move considering the boots on the ground are the ones that know who will be best suited for AG. So why not start there?

    1. “Why not start there” – because they don’t have a vote at convention. It makes sense to send them a letter to fund raise but not to announce.

      1. I sure hope the delegates are checking with the local SA before casting vote for AG. That’s why it seems to be a good place to start.

  7. As a delegate I’m disappointed he didn’t send us a letter first. This just shows how little he know or understands the convention process and GOP politics.

    1. Currently there are only 4 people from each county who would be delegates to the 2018 convention. All other delegates would be elected or appointed in the June primary if I understand the process accurately.

  8. More are coming out to run. He was attempting to discourage others from running, mainly states attorney’s.

    1. I expect we will see Russell and Fitzgerald. Two other reasonable candidates. Russell is a great guy. I think his delegates travel well.

      Fitzgerald will probably have regional support.

  9. The election is a long ways off. The delegates will know Charlie’s quality before ever they meet him.

  10. I agree I think he should’ve sent out a letter to the delegates first. I’ve never met him so I suspect he has not been involved in the convention process, not a good way to start a campaign.

  11. OMG, he didn’t send a letter to delegates first. The horror.

    Charlie is going to be one of many good candidates but I hope this isn’t a factor in anyone’s decision.

    1. Kowtowing to the appropriate parties seems to be far more important than it should be in this state sometimes.

  12. Does anyone know if the other candidate for AG Jason Ravensburg will have Lee Stranahan working for him again in some campaign capacity? Ken Crow?

  13. Hey,
    Did anyone notice that his letter was very generic in the way it was addressed as “Dear Colleague”. Seems very impersonal and he didn’t want to take the time to personalize the letter to the very people he wants support from. Not a good start for someone wanting to be a manager/leader.

    1. The original was addressed to a specific states attorney. I redacted that part out of courtesy for the person to provide it.

  14. I think people and especially delegates appreciate his lack of political pandering. He appears to be a guy who puts the job above politics. Good. SD needs more of that.

    He is running to be SD’s top cop not a party chair or a political hack.

  15. He obviously doesn’t understand how this process works. He’s not elected in the primary he’s elected by delegates at convention. He should’ve told them first. Rookie mistake.

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