19 thoughts on “Told you so. Secretary of State Shantel Krebs is running for Congress.”

  1. It’s a nice video. Check out the video, though, at 00:31. You can see the State Theater in the background with its old marquee. That marquee was changed last September, so it is fair to say that this candidacy has been in the making for sometime. One can only wonder if IM22 had not the passed, if Dusty would have jumped in so soon, and whether the short lived life of IM 22 will dictate the moment of one of the two Republicans candidates for congress over the other over time…

    Oh, and the State Theater looked a lot better with the old marquee in my opinion. The new state of the art marquee gives it a “Back to the Future II” (2016 not 2015) look. I prefer the 1955 look, that is what historic restoration is suppose to be all about, I thought….

  2. Welcome to the race, Shantel. She is serving South Dakota and its people well as our Secretary of State. She cleaned up an office that was left in shambles after the previous Secretary of State. She has a tenacious work ethic and passion to serve with integrity that is evident to anyone paying attention to politics. I am excited for her enter the race for Congress.

  3. Shantel will be an asset to the change needed in DC. Common sense, pro-business, forward-looking ideas, ethical and a believer in transparency in government. Easy choice here.

  4. Shantel seemed like a competent legislator and SOS, but not exactly a person with enough Go to get anything done in DC. This is a high dollar campaign ad, but I’m not buying it. Dusty is the guy if we want SD to have a voice.

    1. Oh, so you prefer the Governor’s choice? Dusty was the Governor’s Chief of Staff and already has the lame duck’s endorsement. The voice we need in DC shouldn’t have any ties to this Governor or any of the good-old-boys network.

      1. Ed, We get that you’re in the bag for Shantel. If you slobber after her any harder, someone will chase you away with a garden hose.

  5. lol – Shantel the businesswoman. Didn’t she have to close her store in DT Sioux Falls because she couldn’t sell shoes to women?

  6. Repub: Enough Go? WTH are you talking about? Obviously you are a plant having never worked with either Representative, Senator, or Secretary Krebs.
    Anyone saying the same thing about Dusty would similarly endure the same response.

    1. With two such great candidates in the race, I can’t imagine anyone else jumping in!

  7. So given the speculation on this blog (among other places) about Krebs being Jackley’s LG, is that still in play if she loses to Dusty? Correct me if I’m wrong, but the timeline would work for her to give the House race a shot, if it doesn’t work out, and if Jackley wins (a big IF), then Krebs could still be his LG, right?

  8. She needs to get her butt out there and tighten up that fence. New fence and a sloppy top wire? Nooo way is she going to be my Rep. with fences like that.

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