Krebs to announce for Congress this next week? Sources saying Barnett to SOS.

Something interesting has popped up.

In the last few days, a couple of the websites that I’d reported on a couple of months ago as being snapped up by the Production Monkeys ad firm in Aberdeen (the same firm that had handled Stace Nelson’s US Senate effort) in relation to Secretary of State Shantel Krebs seem to possibly be coming to life in the background of the internets.

Because as opposed to getting notices of “nothing there,” we’re now getting notices that give an impression of something actually being there.. but something we’re not allowed to see just yet:

This came about the same time a couple of days ago that Bob Mercer was reporting “Secretary of State Shantel Krebs is preparing to be the second candidate for the Republican nomination for U.S. House to succeed Kristi in Congress.”

And now this afternoon, a trusted source is telling me that they’ve been informed that Krebs is preparing to announce her entrance into the Congressional race as early as this next week.

After previously passing on any indication of her plans when Dusty Johnson announced, this would place her 4 or 5 months behind Johnson in voter contacts and fundraising, something that Dusty has been able to use to his advantage, putting up very respectable numbers in the hunt for donors.

Krebs allegedly jumping in also coincides with multiple sources telling me this week that State Auditor Steve Barnett is not looking at running for State Treasurer, and instead may be looking to run for Secretary of State should the seat open up.

With Barnett being as popular as he is among the convention delegates, his overtures towards the office could completely shut out any of Krebs’ deputies, such as Teresa Bray or Tom Deadrick who might have had visions of running for the job.

So at this point, you can take thoughts of who was running for what office, throw them in a dice cup, and roll them bones, because things are setting themselves up for a far wilder 2018 than might have been expected!

Stay tuned.

10 thoughts on “Krebs to announce for Congress this next week? Sources saying Barnett to SOS.”

    1. The negative comments are going to start hard I guess. Too bad. We should be proud South Dakotan’s that we have legitimate candidates.

      It wasn’t that long ago that we all thought Mickelson was a contender after raising $1 million and then he suddenly dropped out. Herseth was speculated to be running.

      I would like to see Barnett make that move. Talk about a deep bench for the SD GOP.

      Next man up.

      The only thing upsetting me is that Mickelson dropped out to begin with. I really liked him.

  1. I think there could be many for SOS…I do wonder with Dusty grabbing the governor money if Shantel can raise the money for that race….

  2. Shantel Krebs VS Dusty Johnson in a two way race with Trump POTUS will bring the highest number of GOP voters to the primary SD has ever seen. Shantel having had to campaign hard for every election she won puts her in a superior position with the electorate who obviously loved her. That same electorate remember voting for Dusty who then skipped into an assumed higher position within a very popular gubernatorial administration which as normal had to make some very tough unpopular decisions which are still prevalent. Add to this two very popular politicians of different sexes running for GOSD and we have what could be the most important election cycle in SD history.

  3. Having accomplished nothing short of total rehabilitation of the Secretary of State’s office in what seems like the blinking of an eye, it’s really great news if Shantel Krebs will run for U.S. House. She has the legislative experience, the management and leadership skills and the energy to represent South Dakota with distinction in DC. Godspeed, Madam Secretary. Looking forward to an official announcement soon.

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