Drinking Liberally Sioux Falls: “remind yourself that it could have been Ron Volesky.”

Drinking Liberally Sioux Falls weighs in with the news that Jay Williams is the Democrat candidate for US Senate, and tries to make lemonade from the lemon that Chairwoman Ann Tornberg has handed the Democrat Party:

In South Dakota, Ann Tornberg introduces her candidate for the US Senate today. Rumor has it that it will be Jay Williams from Yankton. But, before you look surprised and ask yourself who Jay Williams is, remind yourself that it could have been Ron Volesky. There is ennui, and then there is deep ennui. Jay Williams may even represent progress. At any rate he will be the only Democrat with a chance to win the US Senate seat from South Dakota this year.

I need a Drink.

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And Drinking Liberally, remember that there is another bright side to today’s announcement, besides it not being Ron Volesky. As Patrick Lalley from the Argus observed, since it’s taking place at the VFW, Scotch can be served.