Duelling Constitution Party Conventions are today. Supposedly.

Don’t forget what’s scheduled to be going on today.

Both the Lora Hubbel and the Lori Stacey (Now Mike Gunn) factions of the Constitution Party are allegedly holding party conventions this morning.:

The Hubbelcraft convention supposedly takes off at 9 am at the Ramkota, and the other one is at 11 am at the Governor’s Inn. Given how many people are likely to attend a political convention on a Tuesday morning in Pierre, I’m sure that will take all of 10 minutes.

That’s assuming they hold them, in light of the fact that the elections for either faction are both in question.

4 thoughts on “Duelling Constitution Party Conventions are today. Supposedly.”

  1. There was never a Lora Hubbel faction per se. Last month during a brief period of uncertainty about who was the legal chair, Hubbel agreed to file the central committee’s August 14 convention notice as chair pro tem, then voluntarily stepped aside and agreed to serve as state secretary. It turns out the legal chair at the time was probably former vice-chair Joel Bergan, who fully supported Hubbel’s notice. Lori Stacey, acting alone, filed her August 14 convention notice two days later.

    Bergan has since resigned from the central committee and supports the following current officers: Gordon Howie as chair, Matt Johnson as vice-chair, Hubbel as secretary, and Janette McIntrye as treasurer. Stacey hasn’t had a real residence in South Dakota for years. She was probably afraid of looking ridiculous in court on the 16th, but rather than just admitting the party bylaws made former vice-chair Bergan the state chair when Hubbel resigned, Stacey is now playing dog in the manger out of pure spite.

    Stacey unilaterally appointed the phony “central committee” of James Bialota and Micheal Gunn before she herself resigned. The only candidate left in the Gunn-Stacey faction at the time was Rick Gortmaker for lieutenant governor, with no candidate for governor. Stacey doesn’t care that her actions could undo years of other people’s work for the Constitution Party and for ballot access in general. She only cares about her own hyperinflated ego.

  2. You just don’t see good handwriting like that anymore. I think the SOS needs to go with the handwritten notice.

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