Dusty has the look like he got stuck in front of ‘that’ person in the theater.

South Dakota Congressman Dusty Johnson has the look of someone who got stuck in front of the person yelling “Don’t go in there! The killer is in there!” at the movie screen.

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    1. proverbs 9:8 – do not rebuke mockers or they will hate you; rebuke the wise and they will love you.

      i saw this picture on the today show this morning and i found rep. Johnson’s expression said it all.

  1. She makes Dusty look like the grown-up in the room. That’s pretty good considering the guy has always had the appearance of a college freshman.

  2. When my wife and I went on our honeymoon to NYC, we saw “Phantom of the Opera.” It was wonderful, except for the woman sitting behind us singing Every. Da*n. Song.

    Frankly, she would have more preferable instead of the loudmouth in the picture.

    My condolences to Dusty. He doesn’t deserve having to put up with that.

  3. Dusty is playing it safe. “Any fool knows even a loaded gun is no match for a woman in a white coat.” —Erma Bombeck, March 18, 1975

  4. The woman in the white coat represents what has been taking over the GQP across the nation and in South Dakota.

  5. That’s the GOP! Screaming and yelling at a State of the Union and Dusty does nothing about it. Had it been a Republican President giving the speech and a Dem doing the screaming, you can bet your bottom dollar that he and Thune and Rounds and and Pat Powers would all have Twitter posts and press releases denouncing it. But when one of their own does it? CRICKETS

    Party over country = GOP mantra

    1. Darn that Dusty for not tackling her!

      Take a chill pill as my mom would say. You’re a bit much.

    2. Dusty is class, unlike MTG and the former speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi, who at the former president‘s State of the Union address, stood up, in front of the entire body and world, and tore his speech in half!! Trash needs desperate hauling out on both sides!

    3. I laugh at these when they say party over country maybe the party has better ideas than the where the democrats are taking the country

  6. I see this as a period in time that both the Republican Party and Democrat Party are both being called out for their failures of doing their job. The people unite behind a political faction to organize themselves, they do NOT have to see eye for eye on every topic.

    This presents the narrative, that when we have a Republican President, the Democrats willl stand up and protest and yell at the speaker; and where we have a Democrat President, the Republicans will stand up and protest and yell at the speaker.

    Why are we demonizing this woman, when a few years ago, the Democrats had the same right to stand up, yell, scream, and protest the words of the President as well.

    The Republican and Democrat Party’s have caused so much divide in the people of the past 200 years, that we now have this huge philosophical divide on opinion, and thoughts. Exactly what George Washington warned us as he left the Presidency in 1798.

    Both parties are fringe parties, both parties are the real problem with this country.

    1. “Uniparty” was war gamed a long time ago.

      None of it seems real.

      It probably isn’t.

      Meetings where real decisions are made are not held in congress right now.

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