E-mail from “Kristi for Governor” Campaign


Representing South Dakota in the U.S. House of Representatives has been the honor of a lifetime.

After this historic election, I’m eager to begin working alongside President-elect Trump to tackle some of our country’s biggest challenges, including Obamacare, regulations and tax reform. From the very beginning, however, I’ve wanted to make a difference, not make a career out of Congress. While I am excited about what we can accomplish over the next two years, I will be returning home after that and will not seek re-election to the House in 2018.


I love South Dakota and believe our leaders have done a lot of things right.  But we could use some fresh ideas from someone who has had to hustle to make a dollar and pinch a penny to make it last. This has been my experience for the majority of my life, as a farmer, rancher and small business owner.

That’s why today, I’m asking for your support to serve as South Dakota’s next Governor.

South Dakota’s future depends on our ability to create new opportunities. I want our small businesses to continue to thrive in South Dakota. I want our economy to grow and reach its fullest potential.  I want our young people to be able to find rewarding careers and raise their children surrounded by family and friends in communities that solve problems together.

I know we just got through one campaign season and we all need a break from politics.  So while my campaign won’t kick off officially until next year, you deserve to know that I am “all in.”  As we move forward, I ask for your prayers and your support – and I thank you for the opportunity to once again earn your trust and vote.

With deepest thanks,


PO Box 527 – Sioux Falls, SD 57101
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8 Replies to “E-mail from “Kristi for Governor” Campaign”

  1. Angry Conservative

    Noem had to announce today so she can transfer her federal $ to a state account to run for Governor. She has to transfer it before IM 22 goes into law this week. She is thwarting the will of the people who passed IM 22 and she has ticked off a lot of donors like me who gave her $ thinking it was for a congressional run, not a gubernatorial run. I feel conned.

    1. Anonymous

      you keep posting the same thing….How is she thwarting the will of the people…the law is one thing today and the transfer is legal

      she won her race with your contribution and has money left over …so should she not use it…DUH! no

  2. Kelly Lieberg

    So Noem’s in. Whoopie Doo ! Seems a bit premature for gal with such big britches. I’ll be looking for something more than the plastic banana we’ve been choking on the past 6 years. Thank heavens for a primary ! Can we talk about some bigger ideas ? Excellent point made by the above Angry Conservative.

  3. Anonymous

    South Dakota deserves better. At least Hawks would have represented the interests of the people of South Dakota. Instead, we get more commercials of Kristi on a horse collecting taxpayer subsidies.

  4. Platonic

    Boy, you guys remember back when Kristi helped send our federal government into a shutdown not two days before 10,000+ head of cattle were frozen to death West River during a huge blizzard?

    And then the USDA agency offices ranchers would normally visit to file claims for losses were closed because – oops! – she helped shutdown the government!

    Oh, yeah, sure, she didn’t know the blizzard was coming, but maybe she’s lost touch with South Dakota over in swampy DC by forgetting how volatile the weather can be (note: she also could have looked at the forecast before agreeing to help shutdown the govt).

    And all of this, for what? Geez, give Jackley a shot at this point; though I disagree with some of his legal interpretations, at least he’s been putting SD before his party or, well, at least more so than Shifty Noem