Fact Check Gnomes – #TBT It’s throwback Thursday with the same cast of characters who endorse Democrats

From my mailbox:

Just in time for Throwback Thursday, Billie Sutton is attempting a Hail Mary from the Democratic playbook. Today, he stood in an empty room to announce support from Obama/Daschle endorsers and long-time Democratic donors, who happened to be registered Republicans.

One of those flanking Billie Sutton today: former Senator and D.C. insider Larry Pressler, who in 2008 voted for Obama and in 2012 publicly endorsed him, saying “I stand by him as he stands by all of us, putting national allegiance ahead of party affiliation. I endorse President Obama for reelection in 2012.” And like Billie Sutton, Senator Pressler supported Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Alongside Senator Pressler were various members of Republicans for Daschle, Republicans for Johnson, and Republicans for Herseth.

Meanwhile, Kristi Noem has earned the support of John Thune, Mike Rounds, Dennis Daugaard, and Marty Jackley.

But as we said, Sutton’s play is one we’ve seen before! Check these throwbacks out!

Ann Randall Quote
800 Republicans Back Democrat
Republicans for Daschle
– The Fact Check Gnomes


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14 Replies to “Fact Check Gnomes – #TBT It’s throwback Thursday with the same cast of characters who endorse Democrats”

  1. Vicky

    Larry Pressler has been a liberal RINO stooge for about 3 decades now.

    It’s sad to pick on the elderly like this

  2. Anon

    Was there any press coverage of this “press conference”? I haven’t seen any. I’m curious what other “Republicans” were there.

    1. William Beal

      That’s incredibly insulting to Marty.

      He’s endorsed Kristi Noem.

      Marty’s a man of integrity, and wouldn’t have done so, if he didn’t believe she’s the best choice for our next governor.

  3. Anonymous

    Last Friday Marty said he didn’t know who he was voting for. He said there were still a lot of hard feelings over the way she ran her primary campaign. Over the weekend he was browbeaten into agreeing to let Kristi’s campaign attach is name to a canned letter. He had yet to endorse her in his own voice. He is not campaigning for her.

    1. Anonymous

      “Browbeaten”? I doubt he could be browbeaten… On the other hand, he could’ve been looked at as a bullet dodged. When he said he wasn’t sure, that would mean he would take two liberal supreme court justices; that would mean he’d be rolling the dice for a state income tax and less focus on human trafficking (which highway 34 is a major thoroughfare, believe it or not; one of Kristi’s pet projects which I originally opposed). I knew he couldn’t have possibly run to be our next Governor w/o those principles but in the end, he came through. I don’t believe it was for party principle. I think it was because he knew we’d be better off with an R over a real or moderate D anyday. At least I’d like to hope so.

      1. Anonymous

        Marty received a few phone calls from powerful people telling him to get in line or else. That’s a fact. He did the minimum he could for Kristi; he let her use his name. That took no effort on his part.

    1. Anonymous

      She’s talking to a few people and a few picnic tables. What’s the point? No one listened to the full 7 minutes. I saw 20 seconds and the last 20 hoping there was a point in there…somewhere. Please direct the busy people to the exact timeframes if there’s something relevant. Thanks!

      And a serious question, Tara. You used to be all about Lora. Total right side. Now you’re posting (presumably FOR) an R turned D, Planned Parenthood employee. I just can’t figure it out. Could you humor me and let me know where you stand? No big deal if not but you’re literally all over the board.

      1. Tara Volesky

        I have never been about a party. I have always voted for , in my case, the best candidate that will represent all people of SD. We are very small in numbers, and we can’t afford to be divided.

  4. Anonymous

    Tara, I don’t think you realize how counterproductive your efforts are. Your abrasive personality and refusal to be the least bit reasonable cause people who might otherwise be persuaded to agree with you to entrench themselves in an opposing position. In short, stop being an arrogant, condescending, unreasonable ass.


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