From Americans for Prosperity SD – STOP. THINK. and ASK before you sign anything

From Americans for Prosperity – Guidance on signing ballot measures:

STOP before you sign another ballot question petition.

THINK before you sign. Is this ballot question easy to understand as written? Look for red flags in the Attorney General’s Explanation on the petition; does it say “The measure is likely to be challenged on constitutional grounds.”? If so the measure may be unconstitutional.


ASK the person collecting signatures if they are from South Dakota. Only South Dakota residents can legally gather signatures for ballot questions. They must show you their driver’s license if requested.

You can also ask the person to see a copy of their circulator handout. This is a one-page document that describes the ballot measure in detail and tells you whether the person is a volunteer or paid circulator. If they’re being paid, it will tell you how much they are being compensated and by whom. This handout can help you understand what exactly the measure will do.

21 thoughts on “From Americans for Prosperity SD – STOP. THINK. and ASK before you sign anything”

  1. Vote No On Everything appears on the surface to be a lazy approach to learning about what others think is important. VNOE didn’t work with IM22 or the lower minimum wage for kids or the Pay Day Loans. It was we Republicans that voted those laws in, not Democrats. Maybe a new plan would work better. The majority of Republican voters have a low opinion of the job the legislature is doing. Legislators don’t vote YES on anything, either. Another lazy appearance to the base.

    1. Sarge – So, you have some sort of evidence for your statements?

      “The majority of Republican voters have a low opinion…” is there a poll available to back that up?

      “Legislators don’t vote YES on anything…” you really think this is a truthful statement?

      Your research seems to be what’s lazy. Are you sure “we Republicans” voted to lower minimum wage for kids? Ballotpedia – 256,686 people voted No on Referred Law 20 and 104,185 Yes votes.

  2. Nowhere in SDCL cited above does it say that a person cannot ask where the circulator is from and demand proof of residence.

    Also, a fine point in the law cited above is the word shall. SHALL! It does not say MAY. How many people who signed these petitions were given that information mandated by said law? It doesn’t mean you get the information if you ask.

  3. Just a reminder, Proxy servers are not allowed here, and have long been banned per the rules, especially when they double as dark web nodes.

    When I catch it, they’re gone.

  4. Sarge – Can someone say…Poser!

    Next time try harder, it was pretty easy to call you out.

    Nice to see you using some sort of evidence to back your intellectual insight. Is DFP (a hate group mind you) the “news” outlet where you read more young people from Conservative families smoke pot than from Liberal families? Still waiting for your evidence on that statement…

  5. NO state law requires petition circulators to present driver’s licenses or any other form of photo ID. The only identifying information circulators must give citizens is the new statement mandated by a 2016 law telling “the name, phone number, and email address of each petition sponsor; and a statement whether the petition circulator is a volunteer or paid petition circulator and, if a paid circulator, the amount the circulator is being paid” (see SDCL 2-1-1.1 for initiated amendment circulators, SDCL 2-1-1.2 for initiated law circulators, and SDCL 2-1-3.1 for referendum circulators).
    KM – Happy to oblige. There are way more conservative families in SD so obviously more young pot smokers come from conservative families. There are the same percentage of young pot smokers in SoDak as there are in MN or IL or CA or NY. SD is no different.
    PP – I’m in another country and aren’t allowed to use other than this comm device. National security, I’m told.

    1. It might not be state law. But it’s a darned good practice.

      And if I recall, It is state law that they have to change drivers licenses and car plates within so many days of establishing residency. I believe they CAN do it on day 1.

      So why push back? It should be an easy request to fulfill, unless someone has something to hide. They print those licenses and state IDs on the spot now.

      And if they don’t have it or won’t show it…. there’s a problem somewhere, and you shouldn’t sign.

  6. If this is the same Old Sarge from DFP that guy could not even answer basic questions about being in the military and I am not aware of the Air Force using Abrams M1 tanks in combat unless some video game he plays.

    Cory has made a number of false claims and accusations one of which I confronted him on in regards to him just recklessly throwing out names of South Dakotans who supposedly being involved in scandals. He never apologized or retracted his post but never went further on it but filled his blog with material that day to gain traffic at an innocent family’s expense.

    Highly doubtful Cory would get elected to anything in South Dakota but maybe go to Salem, Oregon and serve in the legislature there. About the only districts he would be elected from would be from the Portland where he could have Antifa distribute his literature and I feel for the poor soul that would not accept the literature. They would probably get punched and ganged up on! His campaign HQ probably some pot smoking club but Erin would have to find a good paying position at a church to support Cory since Portland has a high cost of living.

    1. Miranda – Took me two comments from Sarge to see we had an imposter amongst us. Sometimes it’s way too easy;)

      After watching Louder with Crowder’s ‘Underrcover Antifa!’ episode I’d agree that Cory would be welcomed right into this violent hate group. LwC filmed Antifa members handing out ice picks and talking about how to lure people towards their cars where they had hidden guns, I encourage you to check it out on YouTube.

      I hope SPLC is taking your concerns seriously.

  7. Security designates what you can’t use not what you can use, Pat. If I’m out of protocol, I understand.
    Jon Gohn – I’ve known you since Roncalli and you’ve been a pothead since then. Thanks for your support, Sargent Gohn.

    1. IP most likely is Porter Lansing from Colorado? Wrong Gohn and has been for quite a while. lol.

      1. Yeah and if your an NCO you know that it is spelled Sergeant not Sargent and they work for a living. It’s ok my spelling is wrong off too with my dexterity being off at times. 🙂

  8. It is interesting to find out that Mr. H is using pernicious internet tricks to post here as OldSarge.

    Don’t sign anything.
    Push the barbarians back!

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