GOP Chair Forum in Yankton on February 6th

I had a note from the Yankton County GOP who are hosting a forum this next Monday, featuring representatives of the two slates for party Chair and Vice-Chair that will be running for the offices in Pierre on February 11th:

On Monday, February 6, 2017, at 6:30 p.m. we will have our regular monthly meeting at 314 Walnut, Yankton, South Dakota. However, this month we will have two special guests. As you might have heard there will be a contested election for the State Party Chair and Vice-Chair on February 11, 2017, in Pierre at 1:00 p.m.

We will be honored to have State Party Chair candidate Dan Lederman from Union County (who’s vice chair candidate is Linda Rausch from Meade County) and David Wheeler, Vice Chair Candidate from Beadle County (who is running with current State Party Chair Pam Roberts).

So far we have commitments from 3 other county parties to have representatives from their central committees coming to listen. Come one, come all, and hear about these candidates backgrounds and why they are running for their offices.

Jason Ravnsborg, Yankton County Chair

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      1. Anon

        Not very valuable. Just because he’s been traveling the state like crazy and just about every active GOPer has met him, does not mean his endorsement is influential. I don’t say that to criticize Jason. I appreciate his hard work. But I just don’t see him as someone who holds a lot of sway over what other Central Committee member will do.

        1. Anonymous

          I’m going to go out on a limb and say that more central committee members probably know JR better than the current chairwoman PR. Nothing against her. She is a hard worker in her own way but getting out and about and traveling the state is not something she has done.

          I think Daugaard has put her in an awkward position. This isn’t really a reflection of her whether she wins or loses but more of a reflection a central committee that wants more involvement and a say.

          The Democrats get a say all the time. Why not Republicans. Let’s not get to worked up about any of this until the election results come in and Daugaard refuses to work with the SD GOP leadership if it’s not Pam Roberts. Daugaard is the one who is looking bad here not Lederman or Roberts. They both look pretty good.

      1. Anonymous

        He is not a practicing attorney. Never prosecuted a case. Nice fellow but AG, that’s pretty funny.

        1. Anonymous

          Can he do worse than Marty or the AG’s office is doing now?? I am not for or against Ravnsborg, but I have attended one of his town hall meeting about the ballot measures and so i know he is very knowledgeable and did a lot of work fighting many of these measures, and I read that he is an attorney and a prosecutor, so that is wrong., but we definitely need an out of Pierre person, him or someone else–maybe another attorney somewhere else, we need to have a fresh start or we will hear about more of the same from the Democrats; system is corrupt, bunch of insiders—the people passed IM 22 as they wanted to clean up Pierre.

          We are prosecuting such desperate criminals as Annette Bosworth and she gets 12 felonies and the guy who stole the flag didn’t he get a $1500 fine while giving Joop Bollen gets a heck of a deal with ONE, with probation and a similar fine! I’d have rather gone to trial and risked it for one measly felony.. big whoop—no jail time are you kidding me. Then supporting Medical marijuana, supporting SB 70, having your campaign manager supporting Marcy’s Law and don’t forget Gear Up. Isn’t heroin and meth on the rise in the state also?

          Noem doesn’t have any of this baggage; she has 100% name ID, twice as much money as Marty and powerful Washington connections which would only help her and the state as Governor.

          What is the argument FOR Marty as I am not seeing it?

          Sorry I am off topic, but let me tie it in….

          I think similarly this is a big reason for Dan’s candidacy, clean out the Pierre establishment….Pam is party chair and on the Board of Regents, how does that not look partisan and bad? bad optics all around for the party.

        2. Dave R

          Everything you said is wrong. He is both a practicing lawyer and he has prosecuted cases. He has argued before the Supreme Court.

          1. Anonymous

            Name the county he prosecuted in, what case he has prosecuted. How many felony cases, how many trials? Please.

    1. Anon

      Attending a forum isn’t in the job description.

      One of the problems with the chairmanship is that the job description doesn’t have much to it, leaving the officeholder to wing it.
      Perhaps this should also be addressed, so that the people who serve in that position in the future can have a better idea of what is expected of them.

      1. Anonymous

        Not sure on Pam, but I would imagine she had a conflict, but it looks like Ravnsborg reached out to both sides to try and get one representative each; and if multiple counties are able to attend that sounds like a good thing also.

        Perhaps in the future if there is a contested election it should be held after the Lincoln Day Dinner season so many communities can see and interact with them also. I also like the job description idea.

                1. Anonymous

                  Wasn’t Bob paid to do it?

                  I commend both of these candidates for stepping up as I have read and understand now they are doing it for no salary….quite a sacrifice.

      2. Anonymous

        I get that campaigning for a position is not a “job description” but isn’t it kind of the thing to do if you are running for a position?

        To each their own. I’d rather be someone that goes out and meets with those who vote than sit at home.

      1. Anonymous

        Everyone is not Facebook friends with her…but thank you for info.

        Makes one wonder how much she wants the job to be on vacation after declaring for a race….seems to be taking it lightly.

        1. Troy Jones


          1) She is married to a farmer/rancher. They don’t take vacations in the summer and I suspect it is scheduled now so they are back before calving. I think my uncles are both on vacation now, my one cousin just got back and my other cousin probably isn’t going since he has two small children at home.

          2) My vacations are scheduled months in advance and based on tons of factors (most centrally my spouse). No position is worth 1/2 my net worth and a divorce. Not that I think my marriage is the fragile but it isn’t because I’d never suggest cancelling.

          I just wish we could discuss the relative merits of which of these two good Republicans would be best for us for the next election.

          1. Anon

            Troy, I think it is relevant because it underscores the question of whether she even wanted to run again until Daugaard asked her. My guess is that if she was planning to run again she wouldn’t have scheduled her vacation the week before the election. Whether someone’s heart and energy is even in the job seems like a good merit to question them on.

        1. William Beal

          That’s the current vice chair Drake Olson.

          The vice-chair candidate, David Wheeler will be in attendance, which should make this a worthwhile meeting to attend, for all those involved.

      2. Liberty Dick

        She isn’t friends with many conservatives. Nor does she want their vote in this race apparently.

        1. Anonymous

          Who is Stace supporting? He might swing this race to the establishment if he sits it out or to lederman if he backs him.

            1. Anonymous

              Like him or hate him, it is foolish to claim his “net effect on the SDGOP is a negative.” His efforts to change the rules resulted in a rising star of the GOP being thrown out of office and his opposition to 1069 have all but made him a folk hero with many voters. The only thing left for the establishment to do is to make up another story and claim he threatened to kill someone again and throw him out of caucus.

              1. Anonymous

                Is he even in the caucus? Seems like he is a caucus of 2 with Sen Russell only already. Other conservative stalwarts are not even voting with him.

              2. Anonymous

                Stace a folk hero? Hahahahaha!

                Stacey, quit posting anonymously whining about stories being made up about you.

  1. Anon

    Here’s the job description from the by-laws for those discussing what the Chair should or shouldn’t be doing:

    A. State Chairman: The state chairman, as head of the South Dakota Republican Party, shall have the following duties:

    1. The state chairman shall have charge of the State Party Headquarters.

    2. The state chairman shall submit an annual budget by January 1 of each year to be approved by the State Central Committee.

    3. The state chairman shall submit an annual plan of party goals and objectives to be approved by the State Central Committee.

    4. The state chairman shall preside over meetings of the State Central Committee and the State Executive Board.

    5. The state chairman shall coordinate and supervise the work of the other officers and of the County Central Committees.

    6. The state chairman shall carry out any instructions given him/her by the State Executive Board and the State Central Committee.

    7. The state chairman shall call meetings of the State Executive Board and the State Central Committee as hereinafter provided.

    8. The state chairman shall appoint members to any committees deemed necessary for the operation of the Republican Party.

    9. The state chairman shall appoint a state finance director who shall serve at the pleasure of the state chairman.

    10. The state chairman shall appoint a finance committee composed of such membership as the state chairman shall determine to assist in meeting the financial needs of the State Central Committee.