Gov. Noem Signs Prison Funding and Criminal Justice Bills into Law

Gov. Noem Signs Prison Funding and Criminal Justice Bills into Law

 PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Noem signed HB 1016, which funds $60 million for construction of a new women’s prison in Rapid City. She also signed HB 1017, which funds $52 million for the purchase of land and design costs for a new men’s prison near Sioux Falls. The legislation also transfers more than $270 million to the Incarceration Construction Fund for future construction of the men’s prison.

“Funding new prisons is a public safety issue,” said Governor Noem. “Last year, we made the point to legislators that this was necessary. I’m glad that just a year later, they have come to agree and appropriately prioritized the security of South Dakotans.”

When including the budget bills signed earlier today, South Dakota is investing $391 million in the state’s prison system this legislative session.

Governor Noem also signed the following 10 criminal justice bills into law:

  • SB 4 – Modifies a court’s authority to commit a habitual juvenile offender to the Department of Corrections;
  • SB 51 – Revises certain provisions regarding the reimbursement of county expenses in detaining parole violators;
  • SB 53 – Exempts records regarding jail inmate disciplinary matters from public inspection and copying;
  • SB 64 – Repeals provisions related to the jail mental health screening pilot program and oversight council;
  • SB 70 – Revises provisions related to courtroom modifications for child witnesses;
  • SB 90 – Provides certain definitions related to the crime of rape;
  • SB 91 – Revises certain provisions regarding the crime of rape and provides a penalty therefor;
  • SB 146 – Limits parole for violent offenders;
  • SB 168 – Authorizes a board of a school district to adopt policies regarding students who are registered sex offenders; and,
  • HB 1170 – Establishes mandatory sentences for certain driving while under the influence violations.

Governor Noem has signed 170 bills into law and vetoed four this legislative session.


9 thoughts on “Gov. Noem Signs Prison Funding and Criminal Justice Bills into Law”

  1. It n seems to me, we have a LOT of people in prison for drug and alcohol offenses. It is very expensive to keep them there, but I would not argue that these folks, if they keep using and abusing are not dangerous. They are. However, I think we are spending a pittance on drug and alcohol rehabilitation compared to the costs of incarceration. Incarceration seems like throwing good money after bad with very limited positive outcomes. While addictive disease is often frustrating in that it often takes several trips through treatment before positive sobriety is achieved, our commitment to incarceration is a dead end, for the people and for society. Treatment works, sooner or later, and it’s time we dedicated money for that alternative.

    1. we have a LOT of people in prison for drug and alcohol RELATED offenses.

      Fixed it for you.

  2. As a former educator who worked with teen and adult alcoholics, I can assure you that unless the addict wants the help, it doesn’t work. Thus, those that have 4+ convictions need to stay where they are – in prison so they don’t hurt or kill others. Try the rehab, but imprison if they re-offend.

  3. And here I was freaking out about how we could imprison more people. Problem solved.

    1. If they deserve it then send them to prison. You however give the impression that those who deserve prison should be free to roam the streets. In that case feel free to move to Seattle, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland, Baltimore, Detroit, Washington DC, New York, etc. You have many options that have been run into the ground by the democrats over the last 50 years to choose from.

      1. Pat Powers is deleting comments again. Time to unironically put up a post about tech censorship, big guy.

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