Gov. Noem VETOES Classifying Marijuana as Hemp

Gov. Noem VETOES Classifying Marijuana as Hemp

PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Kristi Noem VETOED House Bill 1209, which would increase the amount of THC allowed in industrial hemp to 5%, classifying marijuana as hemp. You can find Governor Noem’s VETO letter here.

“Federally, marijuana is classified as anything that contains over 0.3% THC,” said Governor Noem. “If this bill were to become law, South Dakota would allow hemp products and crops to contain over sixteen times more THC than is currently allowed at the federal level.”

Last year, the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources worked with members of the hemp industry, as well as legislators, to compromise and allow for 1% THC levels for a production in process. Research shows that 1% THC levels are the trigger for causing psychotropic effects on humans.

“Only two states allow a product in process to contain up to 5% TCH: Colorado and New York, both of which have legalized recreational marijuana,” continued Governor Noem. “South Dakota voters spoke clearly this past November: they do not want recreational marijuana. If I allowed this bill to become law, it would jeopardize the clearly expressed will of the people. Increasing the THC level to 5% would hinder our successful hemp program and undermine enforcement of our drug laws.”

Governor Noem has signed 196 bills and vetoed five this legislative session.


10 thoughts on “Gov. Noem VETOES Classifying Marijuana as Hemp”

  1. I think South Dakotans spoke more clearly when they approved it in 2020.

    As a reminder, 225,260 voted in favor in 2020 (190,477 opposed)
    In 2022, 163,584 voted in favor (183,879 opposed)

    Spinning the turnout game as some mandate is cherry-picking at its finest


  2. South Dakota will eventually achieve full human freedom for cannabis, an easy to grow plant with amazing properties and compounds that are useful in human health endeavors.

    How did America get into the bad habit of making things illegal to monopolize them in the marketplace?

    I think I know ..

  3. Thank you America’s Governor! Marijuana bad! Potheads bad! We South Dakotans need pothead reduction. Let’s not turn South Dakota into Colorado or Oregon. Bad!

    1. Oooh, strong argument here! You convinced me with “Marijuana BAD!” — LOL, this anon

  4. Marijuana will fall out of favor as more people start noticing that their relatives and roommates who use it are unproductive and running up the grocery bills.That routine gets old fast.

    1. Alcohol will fall out of favor as more people start dying from it. Their friends, relatives, children will die from it, and it will be bad. You just wait!

  5. PP, your headline did exactly what it was intended to do. It made the discussion about something it wasn’t. I listened to testimony. Proponents had arguments that refute your allegation that this it’s de facto marijuana. Just the same, when the ethanol industry makes moonshine, they “denature” it so it cannot be consumed by humans. This ain’t my argument. Not an issue I care about. Just wanted to encourage a little objectivity.

    1. The headline is as the release was sent out.

      As an aside, if you aren’t aware, most of the time I post press releases unaltered. Many times the media pulls out a snippet based on what they want to present.

      There are many people who want to read them as presented, unedited.

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