27 thoughts on “Governor Kristi Noem signs Constitutional Carry measure”

    1. It’s really got nothing to do with 2nd Amendment – unless you’re advocating allowing the mentally ill to own fully-automatic rifles and Branch Davidians shooting off field artillery. We regulate the 2nd Amendment all over the place – bump stocks to high-capacity magazines to age restrictions, etc.

      I think that pretty much puts us at the point of “We have already established what you are, madam. Now we are haggling over the price.”

      1. As I posted on the SB47 thread, anyone prohibited by federal law is prohibited from possessing or carrying a firearm, just the same as they were prohibited before SB47 was signed into law.

        But, don’t let facts get in the way of your rant.

        1. So… we really didn’t need the law, then? Huh. Maybe should have spent the time on all that hubbub on something more pressing.

            1. Ikey would be better suited over in the hamburgler forum. A fellow hater of the US and a disgruntled Sutton voter.

                1. Then why the blatant misrepresentation of the bill. Most of what you posted was just lies and misinformation. It;s why your side gets little traction in this state.
                  Insinuations of a prostitution is again Alinsky type misdirection. Name calling and foe outrage is the new standard of the left.

      2. Interesting you should bring up the Branch Davidians, Ike.
        If the ATF and FBI hadn’t attacked their compound over bogus weapons charges, all those kids might still be alive. Under the 2nd Amendment, the Branch Davidians weren’t doing anything wrong. Under The Clinton Administration, killing 76 innocent people was an acceptable way of intimidating the civilian population.

        Thanks for reminding us how lucky we are that the Clintons are no longer in power.

    2. this is a solution looking for a problem. The real problem being solved is campaign contributions from the NRA. This law is purely an exercise in proving to the NRA that those supporters should get money next election

  1. I’m so grateful. Now when walking to my car, after my late night shifts, I’ll be able to defend myself against someone who may attempt to rape or rob me. I always seem to come up short to pay for the concealed carry permit because I have to decide which bill to pay first: groceries, heat, rent, gas, kid’s lunches, etc. There never seems to be extra.

    Thank you legislators and Governor Noem, you are not only protecting our 2A rights, but allowing women throughout SD to protect themselves and their children. When seconds count, police are minutes away. God Bless.

    1. Cmon, the cost was $10. There are literally thousands of things the legislature will do that will save you more than $10. If you are so effusive over those hundreds of savings as well, you tone down the drooling.

      1. $10 – 4 days of school lunches
        $10 – concealed carry permit

        I’ll go with feeding my children. Now I can protect myself for free.

        1. Just looking on the Cabella’s website. The least expensive semi-automatic pistol cost $239. A box of ammunition costs more than that concealed carry permit. If you cannot afford $10 for a conceal carry permit, how can you afford a weapon? The weapon alone would be enough to buy 100 days of school lunches, based upon your numbers. That box of 50 ammunition would pay for 8 or mor days of school lunches. I find your argument disingenuous at best.

          1. How do you think I obtained a firearm and ammunition, duggersd? You’re smarter than that. However, I see common sense is not your strength.

            I did have grandparents. Do you think maybe, just maybe, family members have willed me some of their possessions?

            So concerned with my budget. Such egos. I was just thanking the legislators and Noem for allowing me to protect myself and children and some have to have an opinion.

            1. So you had the firearm given to you. The ammo still costs if you use it. If you cannot afford $10 for a CC, then you probably have deeper issues. If you are that close to broke, then school lunches are probably given to you. If you are really honest, I am willing to bet you spend $10 every week on something that you don’t really need. I have been poor and made out somehow. But if I REALLY wanted to have a CC during that time, I could have found the $10 to do it. Oh, and common sense tells me that I could have found the cash if I wanted it.

              1. So, what’s an acceptable price? You’ve outlawed more affordable guns (“Racist Town Saturday Night Specials”), and now want to discourage exercise of rights by claiming that “you have to buy a (dugger approved?) gun anyway, what’s a few more bucks.”

                In my experience, the time lag and preparation is more of a hindrance. If Joe citizen suddenly needs to go somewhere where they might want to take a gun, it’s often too late to go to the sheriff and fill out the paperwork. This allows honest citizen’s to decide at the last minute “Oh, gotta go pick up my granddaughter that volunteers and The Banquet because her car won’t start at 10 pm (or 2 am)”. Hmm, let’s wait till Monday so I can go to the cop shop and fill out an application, then wait five days, then I’ll be right down?

                It’s a good law, I’m glad she signed it. I predict there won’t be “blood in the streets”.

                1. All I am saying is $10 for a five year permit is not a lot. I also do not believe it is interfering with the 2nd Amendment. Someone who tells me that $2 per year is too expensive is making stuff up. The person at issue is saying the only reason she/he does not carry is because $10 is too much. I am not unhappy about the law. I just really don’t care. There are a lot of issues that I care more about.

                  1. And the ego grows. To tell someone, you don’t know, they have deep issues is very self-righteous.I thought only leftists and TJ did such things.

                    I didn’t see the person at issue say it was too much, just not possible b/c of other priorities. Seems to me they’re grateful it’s now free for them to carry and that SD is protecting our 2A rights.

                    1. This person says the following: I’ll go with feeding my children. Now I can protect myself for free.
                      I interpret that as saying instead of purchasing a CC, this person is feeding her children. THAT makes it an issue. This person says now she/he can carry her/his firearm. I do not know of anybody who does not waste $10 in a year, let alone over 5 years. This person can conceal carry now. Good. This person could before for a mere $2/yr. I don’t buy her/his argument. I do not know this person so this person could indeed be so poor she/he cannot afford the permit, but that would be a pretty dire situation.You can take this person at her/his word, but experience tells me there is a bit of an exaggeration going on here. If you do believe it, let me know. I have a bridge for sale.

        2. Oh my gosh a one-time $10 permit……….How about solving the high cost health care crisis in SD. DC is obviously not going to do it.

  2. In one month in office, Governor Noem has proven that she is South Dakota’s greatest Governor…hands down!

    1. I agree! I look forward to the day when my grandkids attend Kristi Noem elementary or middle school. It will be my honor to tell my kids how lucky they are!

    2. She has a loooooonnnnnnngggggg ways to go. Not saying she has done anything bad, but let’s face it, you are basing this on one law she signed.

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